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A Letter From The President: By Kathy Curran

September 26, 2008

Welcome! to the first issue of the Goddess Temple newsletter.  I am very excited about this newsletter, our latest project of the Goddess Temple!  The Goddess Temple is a not for profit religious group dedicated to honoring and reviving the Goddess path.  We worship the Divine Feminine.  All are welcome!  Yet at the same time we respect all paths.  We hold outdoor rituals following the Sabbats on the Wheel of the Year.

 We have monthly full moon meditative services followed by a potluck with community fellowship.  Our membership is open to all.

So, please accept my invitation to join us at one of our Goddess Temple events as my guest.  I hope you will return as a member!

Bright blessings,

Kathy Curran




September 10, 2008

Our first Issue is out!!!!!

I am so thrilled to have this newsletter up and running!  It is such an amazing project, and I am just  so excited to be the editor. I know we will have many wonderful articles, pictures, and columns.

We do need people to submit articles and photos.  We are always looking for articles about Wicca, Paganism, and Goddess themed submissions. We are interested in educating people to the spirituality of the Goddess and her many names and faces.

I know that you can look forward to an article about Pagans in the Law, some gardening tips, and next issue you will meet the members of the Temple board.

As Miss Kathy said, we are a not for profit temple, that means we are very dependant on donations and volunteers. So articles and photos will be added on a volunteer submission basis.  I really look forward to reading some of the things you would like to send in.

You can send your articles and photos to:

Please help support our Temple newsletter!


I will be putting up articles in this blog from now till our next issue….I hope you all come in to the blog, read them and think about helping.  I would like to thank allofyou that have help start and contribute to this project so far!