Brigid, Our Patron Goddess

Beloved Brigid, Celtic Fire Goddess

-A testimony

Brigid is the powerful Celtic Goddess of fire I will tell you how it is I came to know her by fire, twice!

It was Imbolc and our coven was meeting on Saturday evening to honor the chosen Goddess Frigga since the following day we were holding a separate Goddess Temple service to honor Brigid and the Sabbat. 

Since it was February and close to Valentines Day we chose Frigga instead of the first thought of Aphrodite or Venus as our symbol of Love.

We adorned the altar with red white and pink candles, cloth and figurines’.

We placed a picture of Frigga on the altar and then went into the other room to get our coven together.

While we were “checking in” with each other the smell of smoke was wafting through the rooms to us. We ran into the other room to find flames and smoke so thick you could not tell the ceiling form the floor.

We all pulled together and ran in and out of the room extinguishing the fire and trying to get the smoke outside

The fire was contained to just the altar table and the carpet under it. Everything was burned or melted on the table, everything but the piece of paper we had printed out the picture of Frigga on and set in the middle of the table! Yes, a plain piece of paper sat in the middle of the altar engulfed in flames and did not have a single mark on it.

After everyone was calm and the room was smoke free we sat and determined that Brigid did not like us honoring another Goddess on her day and she left the picture unharmed as her note to us. The room was cleansed by fire and the day will forever be known as Brigid’s day and none others.

The next day at our Sabbat service we had a fire roaring in the fireplace and many pictures were taken. When I was putting the pictures from the day online I noticed in the pictures of the hearth and fire there was an image! There is an unmistakable image of Brigid in the flames wearing a crown/veil and all!

She had come to be there with us that Imbolc day as we honored her properly. I had never felt so moved in my whole life and so sure that the Gods/Goddess’ are here with us everyday and that they are always with us when we call upon them.

I still have and will forever hold dear to my heart the photo of Frigga with a small splatter of candle wax as the only mark of the fire and the picture of Brigid in her Imbolc flames. Brigid holds a very special place in my heart now and forever.


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9 Responses to “Brigid, Our Patron Goddess”

  1. Jim Says:

    Post the photo, I’m sure I’m not the only one, who would love to see it.


  2. Lisa (MomWolf) Says:

    Amazing photo!

  3. Kim Turcotte Says:

    What an amazing photo. Brigid is also my patron Goddess and to see how she presented herself you your group in this photo is breathtaking! Also – love the work you are doing educating others about the Goddess. It is time for the Divine Feminine to emerge and make our planet whole. We have lived in the Divine Masculine for so long we have become totally out of balance. It is time for the union of the masculine and the feminine to make all things whole!

    Blessed Be!
    Kim Turcotte, ALC
    Intuitive Live Coach &
    Inner Goddess Facilitator

  4. Ashley Says:


  5. Unsolved Mysteries Forum Says:

    I think the article is brilliant and the photo is incredible!

  6. Ten Nebula Says:

    Peace and light,

    I enjoy your blog site.
    I hope all is unfolding in your life in ease, joy, harmony, and abundance!!!
    Have a great 2011!!!

    Bright blessings,

    Ten Nebula

  7. Jake Says:

    Wow!! Very inspirational! I love the picture. Brighid has been coming to me for months now and I couldn’t figure out if she was my patron or not. I asked her through my pendulum if she was but it kept going in circle instead of saying yes or no. And then, for my birthday, Which I was born on Imbolc, She led me to a book about shamanism and energy healing… At first I didn’t know it was her. I thought it was my intuiton that led me to that bookshelf.. And then today I was meditating, opening my chakras and raised and expanded my conscious and simply started enjoying the peace and quite of my mind. When all of a sudden in my mind’s eye I seen her walk up to me.. I sat there for a moment stunned.. And then I made the connections in my head. I was born on Imbolc, her day. I’ve always loved poetry. I’m very artistic. I’ve always felt drawn to both fire and water. I’ve also always felt drawn to the healing arts as well.. She led me to that bookstore, led me to the book, told me to check if i had enough money for etc. I thought it was my intuition lol… Then I asked her if she would be my patron Goddess in my healing ventures to learn shamanism and energy healing and i heard, more like felt, her say, Of course… I can already see that she’s very tricky lol When I asked her the question through the pendulum i wasn’t specific enough!! lol. And then I shared these thoughts with her and i swear I heard her giggle!! Hahaha she also has a sense of humor as well ❤ I look forward to getting to know her and working with her. I even wish for her to be my full patron goddess not just for healing… Could I just ask her that?.. Blessed be every one 🙂

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