An Herbal Colunm By– Miss Jess

What to do when you get struck with one of those dreaded winter colds?

Extra rest and plenty of fluids are a must, but we can speed up the recovery process with a little help from mother nature.  There are many herbal remedies for those pesky colds.   Several are general remedies, but there are a few for more specific illnesses.   Across the board, Echinacea is reported as being important for raising the bodies immune
defenses.  for best results, get a blend of Echinacea and goldenseal. Citrus fruits are also another proven winner in this fight.  It’s suggested that taking 500 ml, several times a day is the most effective way to getting over a cold.  Elderberry can be effective in fighting off a flu virus.  If the cold heads south  into the lungs you may consider a tea with marshmallow root.  It acts as a demulcent to sooth the throat. Stinging nettle tea can also  relieve bronchitis and asthma.  My favorite remedy?  Garlic is one of nature’s best antibiotics. 

It is highly anti microbial, good for coughs, colds and flu, bowel infections and cystitis.  Onion acts in much the same way.   Dr James A. Duke, an authority on healing herbs gives this recipe for soup to fight colds.  “I heartily agree with the folkloric tradition that hot, spicy chicken soup is good for colds and flu.  Just make sure to use lots of garlic and onions.  And along with your vegetables, throw in some ginger and hot red pepper.  Good food–and good medicine.”



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One Response to “An Herbal Colunm By– Miss Jess”

  1. Sherry Says:

    Wonderful suggestions! My Grandmother also swore by Chicken Soup! She said that the onions were bery important. She was so magical! Thanks for helping me to remember. 🙂 And thank you for the “tips” especially this time of the year!

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