Kiss Of Aphrodite Lorelei By: Miss Aphrodite Lorelei

I am the tender Goddess of beauty, love, graceful joy, and softest femininity.

I am the Siren of the wild seas, mystery of the deep waters and passionate fires of sensuality.

I entwine hearts and inspires innocence and joyous creativity.  I dance with my glorious love muses. The Three Graces: Aglaia, “The brilliant”; Euphrosyne, “She who rejoices the heart”; and Thalia, “She who showers with flowers”.

I am the opulence of fertility and pleasure.

I am the sigh of heavenly embraces and the whisper of breathless kisses.

I inspire lush exotic dreams of desire, wild exploration, mystic devotions and the honey of soma pearls.

I am Dolphin Islands of crystal waves, doves perfumed of sandalwood, amber, roses and waterfalls of emerald myrtle.

I kiss you with swan tears of lilies, myrrh rubies and golden tresses of opals!

I love you!

Aphrodite Lorelei



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