Goddess Card Jan 10th

Goddess Sarasvati- The Arts- Express yourself through creative activities. You are a limitless being. if you have time, money or other restrictions, it is because your mind is focused on the material world. Un limit yourself by lifting the cloak of  material world from your focus. Play music.
This Goddess reminds us that the beauty is around us and in us. She tells us to listen to music, meditate, go within, to find the true treasurers in our lives, She brings the energy of music to life. Think about how you truly feel when you listen to music. It lightens the load and brings happiness to our hearts. Listen to some meditative music and find yourself drifting out to see Sarasvati. What message does she bring you for the day?
Take the time to listen to music today, let it stir your soul and help rid you of burdens!
Love and Light to you all!!!!!!!

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One Response to “Goddess Card Jan 10th”

  1. MayaNoor Says:

    Yay! I’ve actually started working on my literary novel today!

    And I get to do henna 😀

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