Goddess Card For Jan 14th

Goddess Dana – High Priestess- You have Divine knowledge that can help others through your spiritual teachings.  Your wisdom extends back into the far reaches of ancient times. You’ve brought fourth this knowledge into your present life to a way shower so others may benefit from your experiences.

All of us have things to share and all of us can learn from one another. Teachers are often times the students as well. No one can learn everything there is to learn. We are all learning and growing all of the time. Even if you feel like a novice, and a lot of the times in my life I do, don’t always think that you are. We all have lived different lives and we all have stories and wisdom to share with each other. Don’t ever think that what you have to say or share is not worthy. Everyone has a life story and they are ALL important! I learn new things from many different people each and every day!!!
What will you learn about or what will you teach someone else today??
One thing I also like to remind others when this card comes up, is listen to the story of your parents, grandparents and elders. They truly have much to share. I will always keep the memories of the stories that my Grandma and My great told about their lives and things like the depression. I remember my Aunt telling me a story about how in the winter she could get and buy extra food for the house. She lived in a small one bedroom apartment and the ice box was so small that when it was winter time she could at least use the window sill as another means of keeping food fresh and cold. I mean can you imagine that? Where would we all be without our refrigerators??
May the love of the Goddess be with you today!

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