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Goddess Card Feb 28th

February 28, 2009

Goddess Freyja – Bold- Unleash your adventurous side! Take risks and be daring. Take bold action towards your hearts desire. Hold clear your intention and success will be yours. Throw a party to celebrate your success.

Freyja is the Goddess who knows what she wants and how to get it, She throws caution to the wind. She is bold , daring, and doesn’t take no for an answer. Where in your life can you be like Freyja?  Is there a goal you want to accomplish or something that you have been afraid to do? Now is the time to set the wheels in motion and act. If you do you will reap the rewards.
If you are having trouble finding the strength to be bold, sit in meditation and call on Freyja to come and sit with you. Ask her to show you where you need to be bold in your life. Then ask her to help you take the steps to be there!!
May the love of the Goddess be with you always!!!!

Goddess Card Feb 27th

February 27, 2009
Islot – Undying Love- The love you have shared is eternal, regardless of the situation. It is time to heal. Go out in nature and help heal your heart. Revive your sense of spirit. Your heart will mend. Then you will be able to help others along the same path.
To me this card means whenever you have truly loved another it has never been a wrong choice. Even if the person did not love you back or it did not work out in the fashions that you wanted. When you love you are doing what we are all meant to do. That alone makes us closer to the Goddess, The Source. When you love you turn on the light inside of you and that causes lighter and goodness in this world.  Sometimes we do get hurt but if you didn’t you would not learn, grow, change, and know what real love feels like.
So take the time to think about the good things you have learned about loving someone else, even if you didn’t get the outcome you wanted. You learned, you grew, and you loved again.
May the love of the Goddess be with you everyday!!!!

Goddess Card Feb 26th

February 26, 2009


Goddess Ixchel – Medicine Woman- You are a channel for divine healing power. You command power. Commanding power is based upon the sure and steady knowledge that you are a part of the Great Spirit’s grace and wisdom. Connect to the bigger source and allow it to amplify your natural ability.
You have the power within you to help heal yourself, others, the planet any and all living things. You have to know that the power resides within. Know that you can help and make this a much better place.  Send out thoughts, light, love, healing, and prayer out to all of those you love and card about. You are powerful, don’t be afraid to use the power.
Take a moment to meditate with Ixchel and see what message she has for you!!!
May the love of the Goddess be with you!!!.

Goddess Card Feb 25th

February 25, 2009

 Goddess Vesta- Home- Your household situation is improving, either though a move or a healthy change in the occupants. Your outer world reflects your inner world. To make your inner world happy and peaceful make your outer world happy and peaceful. Does your home reflect warmth?  Use your creative imagination to allow your home to reflect who you are.

I know that when my home is a mess than it usually means I am really busy or doing to many things at once or my emotions are out of whack. So sometimes I step back and look at the state my home is in and it will let me know how I am feeling inside even if I don’t realize it. That is always a good way to judge what is going on for you. As it says your outer reflects your inner world and vice versa. Plus when I do see that my home is  a mess if I get in and get it cleaned it ALWAYS makes me feel so much better!! For me if my house is in order then I feel more in order and then that just makes my daily things go well. When I come home from a long day and the house is a mess it just makes me feel even more out of order than I already felt for the long day that I have had and then I am even more cranky.
So clean up your home and allow it to reflect what you want to feel inside!!
May the love of the Goddess be with you all today!!!
Also want to say Happy Birthday to My daughter Heather!!! She picked the card for today, since it is her day!!!
If you want to check out the cake I made for her you can see it on my blog……..

Goddess Card Feb 24th

February 24, 2009
Goddess Sulis – Bodies of Water – Spend time near water, such as a lake, river, ocean, to recharge your batteries. Water’s creative effects are well known and documented. Since the entire human body is made up of mostly water , this makes sense. Water’s effects are amplified when you use it with your thoughts, prayers and magical intentions.
Water is very powerful. Don’t we all get really great thoughts or ideas when we are in the shower or tub? Of course we do!!! Water makes us relax and allow things to flow. So recharge your batteries today!!! Take a nice long hot shower or bath. Go sit by the lake in a nice warm coat or blanket. It is right in our back yards!!!
How lucky are we!!!!
Come in to Goddess Blessed and buy your magical bath potions and salts. Kathy has some new magical bath  bomb fizzes, and she has a few of her own ritual bath salts she makes from scratch, Plus Miss Michelle our wonderful soap creator has a whole line of magical soaps to use in the tub for many reasons!! Take a ritual bath today a GREAT way to start out for the New moon!!!!!
May the love of the Goddess be with you!!!!!!

Goddess Card Feb 23rd

February 23, 2009


Goddess Aphrodite- Inner Goddess- Awaken the Goddess within you through dance, self care, and appreciating your divinity. Allow your inner feminine wisdom and dynamic beauty to rise to the surface.  It does not matter if our bodies are male or female we all have inner femininity and now is the time to get to know that part of yourself.
Allow the inner you to be reflected in the outer you. You are beautiful from inside out. Allow your inner beauty to come out and play. Maybe wear something that make you feel more feminine. That could mean wearing something that makes you feel beautiful, sexy, flirty, fun, or maybe you choose something that makes you feel more like the mom that you are. Whatever makes you dive in to your inner Goddess is right for you!!!!
May the love of the Goddess be with you all!!!!!!

Goddess Card Feb 22nd

February 21, 2009

Goddess Mary Magdalene- Unconditional Love – Love yourself, others, and every situation – no matter what the outward appearances maybe. I am one with the Divine, just as you are, and it is here I choose to reside. I choose  to do my work from the higher consciousness, where love reigns supreme. Focus on the good you can find in people.

This is one of my favorite Goddess cards. For me it is the truth to my soul and the key to my being. This is what I strive for everyday! I believe that we all need to look upon each other with unconditional love. There is a light inside us all and sometimes we all have to look to find that within each other. It is very sad to me when some souls turn away from the light that is truly there for us. Yes, it is hard to be away from the Goddess, the Divine source. When you are in her arms and feel her love you can’t help but be moved and brought to the highest high, safest place, and have the most joyous feelings of love and light in your heart. So yes, being down here on this earth can be very hard. The way we miss our mother and that safe place can leave some of us very lost and very torn. So those of us who remember or truly keep her alive inside of us need to reach out and help the others remember. You don’t know a person till you walk a mile in their shoes, I don’t remember who said that, but I know that it is true. What I find is helpful sometimes is to put yourself in their shoes as best you can and look at them from that angle. Sometimes when you do that you get to meet an amazing person and find a friend!!
I know it can be hard to not judge others when we sometimes feel so judged ourselves. The key is to remember how it feels when we feel judged and then not do that to others. What I have tried to do since I was a kid really is to try to put myself in someone else’s place, to see their side of things. I think sometimes that helps, even if you don’t agree with the other person. If you look at it from their angle sometimes you can at least sympathize or empathize with what they are going through. It is like a dear friend of mine says someone who loses a leg may have the same amount of pain that someone with a broken finger nail may feel. The pain is relative to the person. Even though we can see that the person who has lost the leg may have “lost” more than the person who broke a nail. But it is relative to the person feeling that loss. The person who lost the leg may have a great attitude about it and is in a very positive place and feels less of a loss than the person who broke a finger nail. It is like looking at where pain starts for that person and trying to help them help themselves though it.  Even though from an objective 3rd person point of view we can see that a broken finger nail vs a lost leg is really on different scales of “pain”. We Still have to take into consideration where that friend or person is on their path in life. Maybe they have never experienced the pain of a broken finger nail, so it is a “first” pain like that for them. So that is where they need support and need us to help them see that they can get though it. The person who lost their leg may need our help and support when it comes to getting out of their wheel chair and trying to walk with a prosthetic limb, maybe that is their threshold for pain and or need for support lies. Just be good to each other and remember take a look at things from their point of view before you judge or decide what is appropriate for someone else.
May the love of the Goddess Be with you all today and everyday!!!!

Goddess Card Feb 20th

February 20, 2009


Goddess Bast- Independent – Your independence is a foundation for your strength and success. Now is the time to balance your social interactions with solitude. Nurture your freedom and independence.
Independence is important for us all! It is wonderful to have friends and family and we need to find a balance between being with them and having time to ourselves. Having time alone is important, that way you have really look inside and see what is there, what is important to you. It can be an important thing to spend time with just you. How else will you know what you think, need, want, love, and care about!! So take sometime today to be with just you. Do something wonderful for you, by you today!!!

May the love of the Goddess be with you always!!!!

Goddess Card Feb 18th

February 18, 2009
Goddess Cordelia- You have been indoors too  long. Go out side and get some fresh air. A daily venture outside will not only revive your spirit and soul, it will give you hope and faith in this planet’s very existence and future. Step outside today and witness earths excitement and entertainment.
What a card to pick when it is supposed to snow and rain. Although I guess we need to  look for the beauty in the snow and raid as well. I am sure the sun will come shining through at some point today. Get out side for a while and connect with nature. See the signs of spring on it’s way. Smell the air and thank mother earth for all that she gives to us!! We need to get out and be positive!!!
May the love of the Goddess be with you today!

Goddess Card Feb 17th

February 17, 2009
Goddess Abundantia – Prosperity- The universe is pouring its abundance out to you. Be open to receiving it! Asking for help is not a sign of weakness, but a sign of strength. You are very powerful. Abundantia is pouring her cornucopia of prosperity upon you now, so expect unforeseen windfalls and gifts.
Sit with a green candle, think of yourself and see the abundance come into your life. You already have it. Ask the Goddess Abundanita to come in. Dance with her, offer her something wonderful to drink and then do an abundance dance with her. Turn on music that makes your soul sing. Then keep a special place in your house dedicated to her. Fill that  corner or place with flowers, coins, crystals all as gifts for her help. See the prosperity come flying into your life. Thank Abundanita and dance with her often.
May the love of the Goddess be with you!!!!