Goddess message for the day Feb 2nd

Here is a poem I wrote about our Patron Goddess!!! I hope you all enjoy it!!!!!
Ode To The Goddess Brigid
Warm us with your fire bright,
Bring us from darkness into light.
Strength and beauty your message clear,
Keep us safe throughout the year.
Sing to us maiden, mother, and crone,
Show us the truth that we must own.
Help us stand through thick and thin,
Show us exactly where to begin.
Guide us with your loving light.
Keep us safe even in the darkest night.
Lindakean @2008
In my Goddess Guidance Oracle Book by Doreen Virtue
Here is an excerpt of her synopsis of Brigid (Brigit) says “Brigit is a Celtic triple Goddess, which means that she represents three aspects of woman. The young virgin, the nurturing and loving mother, and the crone/sage/wise woman. Brigit is a fiery Goddess who tirelessly protects those who call upon her.

May the love of the Goddess be with you always!!!!!

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One Response to “Goddess message for the day Feb 2nd”

  1. Ahavah Says:

    A lovely poem. Thank you for sharing it!

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