Goddess Card Feb 24th

Goddess Sulis – Bodies of Water – Spend time near water, such as a lake, river, ocean, to recharge your batteries. Water’s creative effects are well known and documented. Since the entire human body is made up of mostly water , this makes sense. Water’s effects are amplified when you use it with your thoughts, prayers and magical intentions.
Water is very powerful. Don’t we all get really great thoughts or ideas when we are in the shower or tub? Of course we do!!! Water makes us relax and allow things to flow. So recharge your batteries today!!! Take a nice long hot shower or bath. Go sit by the lake in a nice warm coat or blanket. It is right in our back yards!!!
How lucky are we!!!!
Come in to Goddess Blessed and buy your magical bath potions and salts. Kathy has some new magical bath  bomb fizzes, and she has a few of her own ritual bath salts she makes from scratch, Plus Miss Michelle our wonderful soap creator has a whole line of magical soaps to use in the tub for many reasons!! Take a ritual bath today a GREAT way to start out for the New moon!!!!!
May the love of the Goddess be with you!!!!!!

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