An Herbal Column By– Miss Jess

It’s January, and time to sweep out the old and ring in the new year.  The holidays always end with making new years resolutions and doing a lot of celebrating.  For all of that partying, we need a few aids in our herbal pantry to help recover and start the new year right.   For starters, if you are going to be drinking a lot of alcohol, or just want something to help with the aftereffects, try milk thistle.  It’s a great aid for anyone who drinks on a regular basis, and for people who suffer from stress or live in an area with a lot of pollution.  It actually stimulates liver regeneration.  Milk thistle is perfect for those hangover induced headaches.  Along with that, you might try dandelion root.  It helps both the liver and the gall bladder.  It triggers your digestive enzymes, and is a great diuretic for when you are bloated. 

For those occasions when eating too much or too fast is a possibility, take fennel.  The seeds help sooth the stomach, relieve heartburn, nausea, indigestion and gas.  I have a tea  made from both fennel and peppermint.  The peppermint stimulates digestive juices.  Thus, the tea is a perfect end to any dinner party.  If you don’t care for peppermint, try ginger, another stomach soother.  It can alleviate nausea and stomach spasms. 

Whatever the occasion, enjoy it knowing that either in your kitchen or backyard, there are several aids to help you ease into the new year.  If the holidays truly get you “down” consider doing a whole body cleanse. There are many detoxifiers out there, but my favorite is the Ultimate Whole-Body cleanse from Nature’s Secret.  I usually do this at the end of winter.  You can think of this as preparation for the “rebirth” of spring for your body. 


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