Imbolc By: Lisa Nieves

Imbolc (Feb 2) is the first of the fertility festivals and a celebration of things yet to be born. Deep down beneath the snow, the Earth is preparing to give birth.  The hibernating animals are stirring.  The mothers are beginning to lactate in preparation of the pending births.  The occasional furry head pops up to see if it is time to come out.  This is the origin of the modern Groundhog’s Day. As humans, fertility isn’t only about physical conception and birth.  Fertility can relate to our minds, our ideas and our desires.

 Imbolc, particularly the February full moon, is a great time for cleansing and preparation; of new beginnings and inner strength. It is time to start your spring cleaning; both internally and externally.  Get rid of physical things you don’t need and mental or emotional baggage you might be hauling around with you.  Look over your supplies; take stock of your life.  Put into words what you want to accomplish in the months to come Also take stock of what isn’t working in your life.  Make a list of what you might need to succeed.  Include physical needs like gardening supplies, pantry staples or more sensible shoes.  Do you need to sharpen your skills or learn new ones?  Is a bad habit or attitude holding you back?

 At Yule (12/21-12/31), we began setting goals for the upcoming year.  Now we clear the way for those goals to come to fruition.  Set up plans and release old patterns or issues. This is a good time for purification, initiation and consecration.  Ritual or meditation can be used to help face life’s challenges or with a particularly challenging project.  Focus on giving yourself extra stamina to succeed.  Use a rose colored candle to help energize and reaffirm your goal.  Use lavender and white candles to represent Divine (white) rebirth and preparation for one’s spirituality (lavender).

Imbolc is a fertility festival.  What would like to see grow and thrive in your life?

Make it happen.


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