Garnet By – Miss Aphrodite

Garnet is the passionate jewel of deep love and sensuality. It  is creative illumination, a flash of lightening, manifesting and expanding. Garnet is soothing and balances the kundalini fire and chakra beauty.

Garnet is cherished by Sumerians, Egyptians, Native Americans, Mayans, and Aztecs.  To the Egyptians Garnet lights the soul’s way into the afterlife. It is thought to be the lamp that illuminated Noah’s Ark and Kind Solomon’s Talisman in battle.

Garnet is found in a rain bow of beauteous Forms:

Star Garnet – gifts us with deep sleep and wondrous dreams and harmonious beauty.

Almandine Garnet – A jewel of love, charity, inspiration, and exploration of Astrology, Astronomy and Mathematics. (Usually dark red, violet red and brownish black.)

Andradite Garnet – green in color in dermatoid form or in shades of black in melanite form..  Works with magnetic field of the body, cleanse the aura, and facilitates mystical exploration.  Facilitates love and healing the heart and throat chakras.

Grossularite Garnet – Found in yellow, orange red and white. It is the jewel of meditation, service, and love.

Hessonite Garnet – The cinnamon stone in yellow and cinnamon red.  This assists in astral travel, meditation, and manifestation.

Pyrite Garnet – Pink, purple and cinnamon colors. It brings wisdom, gentle warmth of beauty and creativity.

Spessaetite Garnet – Colors, orange, red, red-brown and violet. A  gem of high vibration, discovery, and exploration.

Uvarovite Garnet- Emerald green gem that brings blessings.  It works with the celestial, eternal soul, a communion with creation.



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