Spell work and Deities… By Sheila Santiago

In the beginning when I was a silent solitary witch I would call on several deities when doing rituals. I would pull out one of my many books on Magic and flip to my Goddess pages and pick out the appropriate Goddess’ for that ritual/spell work. It is important to note that I called on multiple Goddess’ when performing spells and casting circle. A lot of people think you should only call on one. I found that my most powerful magic and most positive results were when I called on multiple Goddess’ to see my work through. At times I would not even name one I would instead call to all Goddess’ to aid me in my magic.

 The most important spell/magical work I ever did for myself was one that many people look for when walking into a metaphysical shop, or when flipping the pages in a book store… a Love spell. I have done love spells before and they always worked, they just didn’t work the way I wanted them to work. I learned the hard way that if you are not very specific about what you want…you will just get anything and everything which includes…the not so good.

 Here is a bit of advice that I learned, practiced and now am grateful for. I call to all Deities when doing life changing magical work. I create a spell of my own instead of reading one from a book. For example in my candle magic love spell I took 3 candles. A pink, hot pink and red candle. I mixed oils together with love aspects and anointed the candles. I sat the candles apart from each other on the altar 1 on each end and 1 in the middle. I mixed up herbs to burn with aspects of love. the final preparation was the list. I did this magic on the New moon for New love to come into my life.

 On the list I wrote the attributes of a partner I wanted in my life. I was very specific as you have to be. every day for the week of the new moon i would light the incense and candles and each day I would move the candles closer together until the last day on the new moon the candles were side by side I meditated and sent out my intentions calling on all Goddess’ to see my will done. After I did this I put everything away and believing in my work and I lit a white candle in gratitude for the Goddess in aiding me and bringing the love I needed into my life.

 Sure enough I met the love of my life and we are now engaged.

I give thanks to the Goddess every new moon. It is important to remember that when doing a love spell you must never have a specific person in mind as that goes against our beliefs in affecting free will. What you should be asking for is a new love that is meant for you and you should list out what you would like the attributes of this person to be. After you have done your spell work let it go and don’t think about it again. Send out that intention and it will come back to you. If you doubt it then you cancel it out.

 Call on one, or call on them all but be a friend to the Goddess and she will be a friend to you seeing your intentions through .



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