Goddess Card March 28th

 Goddess Lilith – She is the Goddess of abundance, fertility, and the giver of agriculture to humans. She is associated with the lotus. Lilith challenges us to look upon our dark side and incorporate it into our wholeness so that great beauty can blossom forth.

The (shortened) tale of Lilith is that she was actually created as Adams equal in the Garden. Lilith did not want to lie beneath Adam and or be his submissive, so she left the Garden. When God did not make her come back Adam was angry and God did send his Angels after Lilith, but she refused to come back, so then she was banned from the Garden. Then God made Eve out of Adams rib so that he would have a more docile partner.  Lilith saw another woman in the garden and tempted Eve over the wall. Eve did not want to leave Adam but she wanted to spend time with Lilith as well. So Eve would climb the garden trees to climb the wall and spend time with Lilith when she wanted to. Eve remained in the garden with Adam, but “ruined” paradise by continuing to go over the wall to see Lilith.
They say that being banned from the garden left Lilith to fend for herself and that is when she developed wings, owl like feet, and a serpent likes body. She was deemed a demon and later became the proverbial snake that gave Eve the apple and destroyed paradise.
Lilith is the Goddess we call on  for inner strength and beauty. Lilith comes to help us with transformation, standing on our own, being comfortable with whom we are and she is the Goddess that we call on when we need to be fierce. Spend some time in quiet meditation with Lilith and see what she has to say and reveal about you! Then thank her and ask her to help you incorporate that into your life.
May the love of the Goddess be with you!!!!

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