Spirituality of the Goddess By: Gini Judd



Members and visitors have expressed an interest in magic and why the Goddess Temple’s services do not incorporate a magical element.  While the Temple recognizes and appreciates that there is an interest in magic among its members, it will maintain its spiritual outlook.  This is for a number of reasons:

Our membership is diverse – Not all members of the Goddess Temple are practitioners of magic.  It’s important to remember that not all pagan practices do incorporate magic.  And even among those that do, there is a great deal of variety.  The focus of the temple is to foster Goddess worship, and the practice of magic within the temple setting would be exclusive rather than inclusive.

Our membership is dynamic – The membership roles of the Goddess Temple are continually growing and changing.  Our goal is to increase membership and increase worship of the Goddess in the world.  The practice of magic requires trust and focus that can be off-putting to new guests and potential members, who may already be shy or nervous about seeking a Goddess worshipping group.  By focusing on spirituality, we keep the kind of universality that will be inviting to new members.

Effective magical practice requires familiarity and trust – Practicing magic in a group setting requires either a very strong and focused leader/priestess or a group of people who know each other well and have grown to trust each other.  Which brings us to one of the most important points:

We are all priestesses/priests in the Goddess Temple – The Goddess Temple is focused on worship, and it is not centered around a hierarchical model with a single leader dictating decisions.  The Temple’s business is run by a board of directors, and anyone interested can volunteer to take part in any Temple service.  The ideal of an egalitarian group means that we are each of us in charge of our own spirituality and participation.  No one person’s worldview dominates.  This keeps each of us open to the facets of the goddess that our own hearts seek and the Temple able to reach as many people as possible.

Members of the Temple who are interested in following a magical practice and finding others with whom to talk or with whom to practice are welcome to use the Yahoo Group and the Temple’s blog as places to ask questions or seek out other members who might be interested in additional magical study or practice.


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