A Letter From The President By-Kathy Curran

Women get empowered at first on a personal level with the Goddess and Her spirituality, for example; perhaps by learning how to use herbs in a wise woman tradition,  and then they discover the need to take the next step of being able to publicly worship the Goddess.

The Goddess Temple is a place of Dianic Goddess worship; however, it is open to both women and men.  Because if we (women) do not teach the men to honor and worship the Divine Feminine, who will?  Part of our role is to aid in the re-awakening of the Goddess worship and empower women. At the Goddess Temple we worship the Goddess by retelling her stories; honoring Her with our devotions.  We hold space for her and her followers.  It began as a grass roots organization by a group of women and men who want to be a part of the Goddess movement.  We applied for and received our not-for-profit church status in 2007.  We hold services for each Sabbat on the Wheel of the Year.  We also hold a monthly full moon meditation and potluck. 

~an excerpt from my talk at CSU at the Women and Spirituality Symposium


Kathy Curran, President Goddess Temple



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