Temple Calendar Through Sept.

Our Sabbats are held in the metro parks at the lagoon picnic area. Our Summer and Fall Sabbath will be held at 3:00pm and we will have a picnic to follow. If you need directions to the lagoon you will find them on the temple website which is http://www.goddesstempleinc.org.

Litha: Sunday 6/21/2009, Lammas: Sunday 8/02/2009, Mabon: Sunday 9/20/2009

Our Esbat are held as a monthly potluck at the store. We have a meditation in the temple room then we have fellowship in the back.  The meditation starts promptly at 7:00 pm. and are held on Tuesday nights. These are the dates through Sept.

Tuesday 6/9/2009, Tuesday 7/7/2009, Tuesday 8/4/20099, Tuesday 9/8/2009

Temple Meetings are usually held every first Tuesday of the month. This is a bi monthly meeting. All temple members are welcome to attend. This is where we discuss all temple business including new ideas, fundraisers etc.

Tuesday 7/14,/2009 and Tuesday 9/1/2009.


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