Goddess Card For June 22nd

Goddess Ostara – Fertility – It is the perfect time for you to start new projects, access new ideas, and give birth to new conditions. If you feel dark, heavy, or depressed, then you can lighten up by fueling yourself with positive intentions, nutritious foods, and anything that sparks your feelings of love. Surround your self with beautiful flowers, brighten the colors in your home or wardrobe, allow the sunlight to flow into your home.

Since the Summer has officially begun, a great time for new things!! Get out there and play in the garden, swim, and have fun in the sun!  Take the time to sit in the sunshine for a bit and let the Goddess send you a sign. Let her help you see things in a new light and make new choices about new or old things in your life. There is really only one thing you can actually change in many situations in your life and that is to look at it or think of things in a new way. Let’s say you have been bogged down at work because of a project. well staying in stagnant thinking about it or griping won’t change it or make it get done any sooner. If you stop breathe and take a different approach or look at it with a new set of eyes it may just turn out to be the project that will make your career soar to new heights. If you take the time to get rid of the negative grumbles and put on your positive peepers!! (ok peepers might have been lame, but hey I was trying to make you laugh!!)
Take a new look today!!!!
May the love of the Goddess be with you all!!!!!!

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