Goddess Card July 23rd


Goddess Vesta- Home- Your household situation is improving, either though a move or a healthy change in the occupants. Your outer world reflects your inner world. To make your inner world happy and peaceful make your outer world happy and peaceful. Does your home reflect warmth?  Use your creative imagination to allow your home to reflect who you are.
I know that when my home is a mess than it usually means I am really busy or doing to many things at once or my emotions are out of whack. So sometimes I step back and look at the state my home is in and it will let me know how I am feeling inside even if I don’t realize it. That is always a good way to judge what is going on for you. As it says your outer reflects your inner world and vice versa. Plus when I do see that my home is  a mess if I get in and get it cleaned it ALWAYS makes me feel so much better!! For me if my house is in order then I feel more in order and then that just makes my daily things go well. When I come home from a long day and the house is a mess it just makes me feel even more out of order than I already felt for the long day that I have had and then I am even more cranky.
So clean up your home and allow it to reflect what you want to feel inside!!
May the love of the Goddess be with you all today!!!


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