A Letter From The President By-Kathy Curran

Merry meet!

Why tithe to the Goddess Temple!?

I believe it is important to support where one is spiritually fed and this can be done either by volunteering your time, your talents, or donating money.  I believe that giving in this manner increases what is given to you!

  The Goddess Temple is a grass roots fledgling enterprise and certainly benefits from all that support her.  We are engaged in fundraising events to finance a building for the Temple. 

We are presently selling cloth shopping bags and travel mugs to raise funds. We will also have a spaghetti dinner this fall.  One of our new adventures is in creating a Goddess Calendar; this will be available in September. 


As a founding Temple; we don’t have a ‘parent’ organization to assist with these goals.  We are solely dependent on our members!!


So, remember to give thanks back to the Goddess!



Kathy Curran

President, Goddess Temple



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