The Goddess Path By Linda Kean

 My path to the Goddess started when I was really pretty young. I was brought up Catholic. I went to Catholic school until 5th grade. In those younger years and even today. I always felt a strong affinity and/or bond with mother Mary. When they taught us the story of Adam and Eve in the garden of paradise, I thought it was pretty amazing that God made Adam out of dust and Eve out of his rib. I do remember when they told us the story about Jesus and his birth, even as a kid I thought it was very interesting that God would not just have made his son appear like Adam. I thought it was poignant that Jesus had to have a mother. So that made me think that God saw in the fall of paradise that he could not make people be the way he wanted and that he had to give Jesus a mother so he could be nurtured and treated well so that he could become the man he was meant to be in that life. So I guess I really saw Mary as being one of the most important people. I mean they just had a statue of Joseph in the church and they had shrines to Mary. She was the way that Jesus got here, so she seemed even more important to me.

 When you went to church and wanted to light your candle it was in front of Mary that you light your candle. So I guess even form that very young age and even from the Catholic church I always saw Mary as our mother and one you could always go to with your feelings, Problems, wants and prayers. As a child it made perfect sense that you would go to her she was that mother and all mother’s take care of their children. When I got older things just seems to not make sense like the pope would change rules. You know like we could not eat meat on Friday during lent unless that Friday fell on St. Patrick’s day. “Like what? If it is a Friday rule then isn’t it a Friday rule?”

  I have to say I really got disheartened by the Church, but I went with my family especially on Easter and Christmas as we got older, because yeah like all the other “good” Catholics we only went those two times during the year. No matter what Mary always had a place in my heart. I did do many prayers and prayer work to her during those years when I was not really into the whole church thing. I started to do my own prayer work and “magic” my own way at my own house. I found more books about candle prayers, angels, and magic. I didn’t really have any affiliation with any religion, but really just kept my catholic status because it was what I had known. I was always good with listening to what I needed and leaving what I didn’t.

  I work in Lakewood and I had passed by Goddess Blessed a few times kind of always wondering what was inside. I went in a few times when it was the old store and I bought a few candles and other things, but I admit I was a bit shy about what I did personally with prayer work. etc. So I just kind of shopped a bit here and there in metaphysical stores,

  I had a very dear friend of mine suggest that I take Reiki I, he was sure that I would be very good at Reiki. After a few years of him trying to help me find this path I decided I would find a Reiki I class and there just happened to be one at Goddess Blessed in Lakewood. Kathy’s store, had moved one store front over and had a lot more space, and I have to say I went in and it just felt like home. I felt so welcomed! The place was so homey, had wonderful smells and Kathy was just so sweet and kind to me. I did the Reiki class and then I just could not stop going back. It was like a home away from home and the Temple room makes you feel so at peace. I started spending a lot more time at Goddess Blessed, taking classes of all kinds, learning more about the Goddesses and Goddess spirituality. It was like I finally understood where I belonged, but in a sense I was always there. Mary is one of the many faces of the Goddess. Like Kathy I believe that there is so much emphasis on the God side of the Divine that the Goddess of that divinity has been lost.

  When Kathy wanted to start her own Goddess Temple. I told her I knew a little bit about what it would take to get your 501 C 3 and I started helping her. She and I with help from a dear friend of mine who had worked with Not for profits before, got all the paper work together and filled for our Not for profit status. Although we were told by many that it was pretty impossible to get it, we did it!!

 We were so thrilled when that paper came from the Government, it was just so exciting! We had officially become the  4th Goddess Temple in the world.  Now we have monthly potluck meditation services, a bi-monthly news letter, web site, blog, and we do our Sabbat services in the metro parks. We have a wonderful family that is made up of amazing volunteers and church/temple does not even feel like what “church” used to feel like to me. We all get to help out with altar, readings, prayers, smudging, and our own  celebration to the Goddess. I am invested in this path and the Goddess spirituality because I get to be apart of what is going on. I am helping and learning and I am not just being told what to do, and how and when to do it. I finally know where I belong and it feel so good to be in the home of the Goddess.


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  1. Reiki Says:

    I really liked your blog!

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