Those Magnificent Unicorns – Lisa Revelt (Mom Wolf)

Many people routinely work with the faeries, dragons, mermaids, gnomes, leprechauns, and others of the elementals realms, but not many work with, or know they can work with, the unicorns, who are also part of the elemental realm.

Mention the word “Unicorn” (from the Latin words “unus”, one, and “cornu”, horn) and most folks think of the white, one-horned horse which decorates a pre-teen girl’s bedroom on posters, stuffed animals, and other figurines.  The Europeans, however, described the Unicorn as having a spiraled horn, a horse’s head and body, a stag‘s hind legs, a goat’s whiskers, and a lion’s tail.   Colors vary from all white, to India’s description of a white body, red head, and blue eyes. 

The infamous horn (straight, spiraled, or striated) is said to detect and be an antidote for poisons.  If the horn was dipped in muddy waters, the waters became crystal clear.  If one drinks from a Unicorn horn, it is said they have good health all their life, as well as be protected from poison.  Powdered horns were said to be worth ten times their weight in gold, and whole horns were priceless.  Apothecaries carried the horn until the eighteenth century; before then, rulers paid great sums for the horns.

Since Unicorns were hunted for their powerful horns, it is no wonder they have become so mistrusting of humans.  I think of the movie “Legend” with Tom Cruise and how one must “never touch a Unicorn.“  The image that comes to mind is of watching the unicorn pair frolicking in the stream, in an enchanted forest full of those of the elemental kingdom, as Tom Cruise and Mia Sara’s characters look on.  Children are known to be able to see them.  However, if we adults come to them in perfect love and perfect trust, they are more than willing to work with us.  All we need to do is say, “Unicorns, please help me with this situation.“  According to D.J. Conway’s “Magickal Mystical Creatures”, the Unicorns are not interested in working with those who refuse to straighten up their personal morals, so clean up your act before contacting them.

After moving to Lakewood in the Summer of 2007, I was able to display all of my Unicorn figurines on my mantle (they were some of the first items, non-household, to be displayed) and become re-acquainted with these wonderful creatures.  I missed them.  Even though my mantle changes, I always have one near my altar in the living room, lending its positive attributes to my workings.  I also started working more frequently with Doreen Virtue’s oracle deck “Magical Unicorns”.  I found this a wonderful step for getting in touch with the Unicorns.  All we need to do is ask them, “Unicorns, please help me with this situation.”  I use this deck sometimes alone, and sometimes with my faerie, mermaid and dolphin, and Goddess decks.

Meditate and ask them to come into your life.  Promise to do something to help the environment (recycle, pick up trash, use cloth bags, give to a worthy environmental cause, etc). 

Pulling a card from the oracle deck, I leave you with this message:  “”Hello and Goodbye:  You’ll soon see that this change will make things better.”  Sometimes we have to make changes, let go of the old in our lives and allow the new to enter.


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2 Responses to “Those Magnificent Unicorns – Lisa Revelt (Mom Wolf)”

  1. number of horns on a unicorn – 海运女 Says:

    […] and wore their skulls on their head. …Caption This! –|||Those Magnificent Unicorns – Lisa Revelt (Mom Wolf) « Talk with …If one drinks from a Unicorn horn, it is said they have good health all their life, as well as be […]

  2. swanofdreamers Says:

    I’ve recently felt the call of Unicorns stronger back in my life. It has been really great. Unicorns have been a favorite since I was a little girl. It is true if you have an open heart, they will come to you.

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