Goddess Card Sept. 8th

Goddess Maeve Cycles and Rhythms – Honor the cycles of your body, energy levels and emotions.All of life is cyclical. Life inhales and exhales again. Celebrate the rhythms and embrace them as the essence of the lifeblood that courses through you.
Understand that there is a flow to all of life. Sometimes understanding and allowing that flow to happen gently is the hardest part of learning, changing and growing. We sometimes fight those winds or waves of change, but sometimes they are the very thing we have, asked, sought, and wanted more than anything. So take time to sit back and allow the flow of your life to take you to the places you have wanted to go. Trust in the Goddess, you have asked fro her help, now allow her to do what you have sought her out to do!!!
If you have fears, take a moment to close your eyes and ask the Goddess for a sign, symbol, or word to help you know that she is with you and this flow is the right one for you!
May the love of the Goddess be with you!!!!!!!!

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