Goddess Card Sept. 23rd


Goddess Brigit – Don’t back down – Stand up for what you believe is right! First be clear about your intentions. Like a candle in the dark be very clear and bright in what is acceptable to you in this situation. Stand up for your self and speak about your needs and your truths. Be unwavering and make your stand today!
Brigit is the Goddess of Imbolic, and therefore she is our Patron Goddess. So, I wanted to honor her in the card reading for today. Imbolic is when we start to see the fires of our earth mother start to burn and the daylight shines longer. It is the coming of the awakening of the earth from her wonderful winter slumber. It is time for her to renew again!
The temple was “born” at Imbolic and Brigit as our Patron Goddess, so today we honor her and all of the gifts that she brings!! We thank the Goddess Brigit for her warm light and protection. She brings us new members and helps us grow. She lights the candles that keep the flame of our temple burning bright!!!
Take the time to read the wonderful article at the top of our blog it was written by Miss Sheila and it is our honored story of Brigit coming to our special celebration!
May the love of the Goddess be with you always and may the light that Brigit brings touch your soul!!!!


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