Goddess Care Oct. 7th

Goddess Card Nemetona-  Sacred Space Create an altar or visit a power place to connect with the Divine.
 Your sacred space is within you now. By creating an alter or visiting a sacred site, you connect with symbols and energy that have been infused with meaning and prayer over the centuries. Don’t take this lightly, it is powerful, so try to do it often. (kinda cool that the first card is not really a Goddess I know too much about, so I am already learning!)
In this card I see the symbols of our altars and what they truly mean and represent. So, not only do they have meaning to us personally but they have meaning because of what they represent and the fact that the collective worshipers of the past knew that too. It is like have power and strength in not only tradition, but also in the symbols that our ancestors used and held sacred.
So, maybe on your alter you have a feather to represent the East, Air. A candle to represent the South, Fire. A chalice filled with liquid to represent West, Water. A crystal or rock to represent the North, Earth.
So in your selection you placed these items that you chose to represent the elements. So this shows how you personalized and yet showed homage to the sacred path by using the directions and the traditions of our ancestors, which connects us to the Goddess.
May we all think about the Goddess Nemetona, maybe burn a candle in her name and meditate on what she brings to you today!
May the Goddess be with you today!!!!!!!!!

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One Response to “Goddess Care Oct. 7th”

  1. Freddy Says:

    I usually dont post in Blogs but your blog forced me to, amazing work.. Kind regards from france

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