A Letter From The President By-Kathy Curran

Merry Meet


A Blessing/Dedication to the Goddess!

At the Goddess Temple we offer many services to our members and the community at large.  One of these services is the ritual of Wiccaning (baptism).  And this ritual is not reserved just for babies but for anyone of any age who desires to dedicate themselves to the Goddess!

(a sample of the ritual)


I,_________________, stand before this community and the Goddess seeking to dedicate myself to Her.  I promise that from this day forward I shall live my life in a way that honors Her.  My eyes will reflect Her, my lips will speak Her words, my heart will work with love from Her and my feet will follow the path She sets for me. I declare this is so, so mote it be! Blessed be!!



Kathy Curran

President, Goddess Temple


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