Goddess Worship on a Busy Schedule by Gini Judd

In an ideal world, we would live in harmony with nature and the goddess.  We would arise each morning and salute the sun, then perform a morning ritual and take time for meditation. Then we would receive massages while nibbling on pealed grapes while an orchestra played soft music by our Grecian fountain.

      That’s not how most of us live.  Most of us leap from bed in the morning and rush to get everyone out the door and off to school or work on time.  At the end of the day, there are activities, chores, dinner, and then a collapse into bed. Time for ritual and meditation?  In our dreams, we feel a twinge of guilt as we pull the covers over our heads and vow that someday soon, we will find the time for daily worship.

     The problem is that many of the books and programs out there are intimidating.  In the first week there are only a couple of exercises, but by the end of the first month they demand an hour or more to complete their program.  Lovely, if you don’t have to earn a living or raise kids or keep house, but intimidating if you do. But in reality, it can be done.  The key is focus.

      Suggesting that you drop everything and go walk two miles is a time-consuming demand.  But the reality is that each of us walks a mile or two a day, just getting from one place to another.  Just like those short walks add up to a mile or more, so a minute or two here and there can deepen your spiritual life.

     When you get up in the morning, take a long, slow, focused breath.  Raise your arms to the sky and feel your feet attached to the ground.  Feel your relationship to the earth.  See?  Your first morning stretch is now a moment dedicated to the goddess. When you step into the shower, take a heartbeat to thank the goddess for the cleansing energy, and feel your negative energy run down the drain.  When you bite into your breakfast bagel or sip your cup of coffee, thank the goddess for the gifts of the earth and focus on the energy you are receiving from her bounty. Waiting for the bus?  Close your eyes and feel the wind.  Stuck in traffic?  Sing.  Bored and tired halfway through the workday?  Stand up and repeat your morning stretch. 

Imbue moments of your life with slivers of ritual, and you will feel energized, aware, and more in touch with your faith.



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