The Goddess Temple Spaghetti Dinner was an amazing success!!!!
Thanks to all who helped and all who came out to support our Goddess Temple!!!!! Without your support we would not have our WONDEFUL Goddess Temple!!!!
We had AMAZING helpers tonight!!! EVERYONE was ASTOUNDING and I have to send out a special thanks out to all of you who helped clean up and the bussers and dish washers, wow you guys rocked it out!!!  I did not see any dirty dishes on the tables, you did an amazing job!!! I think we all did a WONDERFUL job!!! Thanks to all the helpers in the Kitchen(Mr. Buddha, Miss Erin, Miss Ginny, Miss Annie and all of you who ran in to do extra little things,) the Servers (Miss Heather, Miss Tammy and Miss Kat), The Raffle helpers (Miss Steph, Miss Kathy), Mr. Steve who took the tickets and was our MC, and a huge and very very special thanks to our fearless leader Miss Kathy Curran!!!! Without your dedication and love of the Goddess and us we would be lost! You are the BEST, thanks for all you do!!!!!!
You ALL make the difference!!! We needed your to help keep the Temple going tonight and you did a great job!!!!




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