Goddess Card Dec. 1st


Goddess Sedna- Infinite Supply- You are supplied for today and all of your tomorrows. This is an abundant universe filled with enough for everyone.  This card is about giving and receiving and finding the balance of the two. If you only give you feel drained and if you only receive you won’t enjoy what you have.
Finding the balance in ones life can sometimes be a hard task to take on. Sometimes it is best to sit quietly with ourselves and find out what true balance is. In meditation you stop and listen to the silence and find the balance within. This will help you find the balance in your life. Find the ebb and flow within yourself and then you can better serve yourself, your, family and friends and the universe. Remember there is enough for us all especially if we all find the balance. Start today by saying “The universe provides for my every need”
The Goddess Sedna is connected to the sea, so sit by some water or do a meditation to the sounds of running water or a water fall to help you connect with this beautiful Goddess!


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