Goddess Card Dec. 4th


Goddess Isis – Past Life – This situation involves your past life memories. Your roots upon the planet are strong an deep, some of the roots have anchored you in past memories from far away times. It is time to unearth these memories and move forward from them.
Isis brings change and transformation. She helps you find the past memories and help you use them to conquer what you need to do today. She calls upon you to see the past ,learn from it , and then to move forward fearlessly to become the new that is to emerge! Isis is the Goddess you call upon when you want to change major things in your life. She is one of the best Goddess to call in to help you with self transformation as well. Not only was she considered the Goddess of alchemy, but she proved in looking and finding her husband that she had relentless determination. When you need those qualities in your life then you should invoke her.
May transformation be yours today and may the love of the Goddess be with you always!!!!


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