Samhain, tribute to our ancestors, who have gone before us.  Family, friends, acquaintances, co-workers, neighbors, regardless of age for it matters not at all.  For when spirit calls we listen and go to the divine light of the gentle calling.

Samhain rejoice the day, celebrate all that your ancestors have left for you, for you are their living, breathing legacy to this world and all generations  before, after, up to you and beyond is what makes your family lineage a rare and complete masterpiece of a complete circle.  A circle, like a ring is a never ending masterpiece, forever evolving, growing, learning, advancing until one day spirit says come home my children.  You are ready, I am here, as I have been for eternity, only now you can understand my language of unspoken words.

Light candles, bonfires, make cakes, ales, juices and such, dance if you will, chant, sing, drum, let you, yourself become in tune with rhythm and tune to the beat of the drum, single or many for it matters, not at all.

Mingle with friends, talk, laugh, dance, joke, remember, share stories about your dearly departed, even though they are right here beside most of us all the time anyway.   Spend time speaking with your departed loved ones, it’s okay to express yourself in conversation this night of all nights, for the sheath between the worlds are at there thinnest.  Invite, have fun, enjoy, for this day comes but once a year.  Blessed Be
Make sure you take special precautions on Samhain if you are going to communicate with the departed, first do a ritual cleansing of yourself, by bathing, purify the area your will be using for the celebration, burn sage, take care and make sure you are talking truly to who you want to communicate with, for it may be a trickster trying to breech the sheath let’s say who may not be very scrupulous.  Let’s face it, no one wants to get whip lashed with that.

My blessing to you is that you and your family biological or chosen have a safe, beautiful, bountiful Samhain filled with many wonderful hours of love and memories to last throughout the year.  Communicate with all who all departed and receive all answers that you need to know.  Have friendly chats, hugs and a gentle peck of the cheek or nose from whoever is your cherished person (s) are.  Be healthy, happy, balanced, in tune, walk with spirit, and always remember sisterhood and friendship are beautiful healthy bonds, that can and will last a life time and beyond if nurtured and loved accordingly.  Blessed Be.

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