Getting Together With the Family

A Survival Guide for Other Religious Holidays     By: Melinda Chedid

For those of us in the proverbial “broom closet” and those who are open, getting together with family for the holidays can be a very stressful time. Many family members are not open to the Goddess, and others may even be curious. The special needs of each one needs to be balanced with the rest to enjoy a harmonious holiday celebration.

Here are some ideas on how we can bring the Goddess into our family holiday celebrations, even if those celebrations are not acknowledging Her:

Ground, ground, ground. Bring a sachet, amulet, stone, or special charged reminder. This will help you to keep from getting emotional when your cause is best served by being calm

Do not feel that it is mandatory to pray or take part in their religious rituals, however try not to offend others as well. This will be harder in some situations to work out than in others. If you are in a situation where you must go along, use the time to communicate with the Goddess, angels, guides, or whomever you feel called by.

Do not fight over religion. If someone is antagonizing, simply say that there will be time to discuss that later, and change the subject. Do not remain with someone (unless seated at the table, of course) who will not stop antagonizing after you have politely asked for them to stop.

If your family is open, you may suggest a new tradition be started to honor the Goddess and the Solstice. Ideas for this abound. This year, my husband and my side of the family are celebrating Yule with me at a special breakfast.

If you are going to consume any alcohol, remember to not consume too much. This will help keep down the possibility of arguments.

The main objection, as I state in my title, is “survival”. Not everyone changes overnight. Many families have a very difficult time accepting that their child is not the religion they were raised to be. Other families are fascinated, or at least respectful.

The biggest part of our survival then is being respectful towards them, and not allowing disrespect towards ourselves.


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