A Letter From The President By-Kathy Curran

Merry meet!

Just a reminder how important each and every member is to our Goddess Temple.  Your active participation assists us with the growth and development of your Temple.  Everyone’s input is encouraged and needed.  Our first meeting of 2010 is coming up and committees will be forming for this year activities.  Please consider volunteering on one (or more) of these committees.  Also please try to attend the Temple’s Sabbat Services (only eight a year!) and the Temple’s full moon meditations and potlucks (only twelve a year!)  Our Temple is only as vibrant and energetic as the energies we contribute!!

Blessed Be!

Kathy Curran

President, Goddess Temple


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4 Responses to “A Letter From The President By-Kathy Curran”

  1. mrs. maria jaskolka Says:

    merry meet, Lady Curran,

    i was wondering is your store, an the temple is it handicap access able
    me an other people like who’s disable i ride an scooter an also deaf but also read lips only if they’re front of me also is there anyone their that teach sign langue mine is not up to good i’m afraid that will be so greatfull to me if someone can do that, i wish you great blessed, an great harmony for always ,

    very humble sister
    mrs. maria jaskolka

  2. kathy curran Says:

    merry meet!
    no, the store is located in an older retail space and not currently handicapped acessable.
    presently i know of no one who teaches sign language but i will identify this need through the temple membership. thank you for asking.
    we meet in the metroparks for our sabbat services in an outdoor picnic pavilion and that area is accesible for people on scooters or wheelchairs….
    thanks again
    kathy curran

  3. mrs. maria jaskolka Says:

    i was wondering will you be there @ the store on the 19 th we’re going to be there to meet you my husband is bring me on my b-day is monday
    we hope to see you there ! to see all the cool stuff that you have @ the store an see what kind of wiccan stuff it will be so cool blessing being
    an many of joys along with your days .

    merry meet
    your humble sister


  4. kathy curran Says:

    merry meet!
    no, the store is closed on Sunday and Monday.
    perhaps another day…

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