Questions answered, all in good time! By: Patty Taylor

When I was a young girl I used to read the Bible without question. As I grew, I started to wonder about certain things contained within the stories of the Bible. For example in the book of Genesis, God created man in his image he then created woman from Adam’s rib. I often wondered who was woman’s prototype, if God is Adams, who is woman’s? That question lingered in my mind for a long time; however I kept it to myself for many years. Finally I asked my Dad, since he always seemed to have so much wisdom. I approached him and asked, “Dad if God made man in his image, then whose image did God make woman’s image in.” At first this flabbergasted him. He then looked at me and said, “God is all knowing and has many faces. God has many sides to him, perhaps he has a female side and that side was woman’s prototype, or perhaps God has a wife.” I asked my Dad if I could tell Mom, he said absolutely not. I knew why, mom was a diehard catholic. Don’t push your luck on that end. Mom was wonderful; she had lived a difficult life and seen another side of the coin filled with some mystery. Her mother and grandmother were very intuitive however Mom chose to stay away from that sort of thing and kept us girls away as well.

My interest sparked in junior high when I met a girl named Kathy, her Aunt read palms. At first I refused to let her read me, because I was a good Catholic girl and we didn’t do that. Well eventually I reluctantly gave in and she hit the nail on the head. This caused me to believe that things like divination were plausible. Then I met Gloria in high school, she taught me how to read playing cards. I soon discovered that reading cards was second nature. Not only was reading the cards a lot of fun, they were also accurate. However, I feared the tarot for some reason. This fear ended when I met my dear sister-friend Pepper. Then I contemplated for many years, remaining in a state of knowing, feeling, watching and waiting. Then some years ago, I just evolved, and here I am to share some information with my fellow sisters. According to Wikipedia, this is how “the goddess was pushed to the wayside”. ”Proto Germanic “gudan” and it’s etymology is uncertain.  It generally derives from Proto Indo-European (gudan) meaning neuter.  (passive, perfect, ghutom. Sanskrit huta = having been sacrificed, gheuhz = to call or invoke.  There was a small shift in word definition in the proto Germanic to proto indo European languages in this time period resulting in a small shift. Meaning one who is sacrificed to. Neuter = both sexes, male/female, duality, male or female. The attitude of deity being neuter changed when Judea/Christianity movement came onto the scene. God/Goddess became God only the feminine aspect was pushed to the wayside, only appearing later in the form of the Blessed Mother.” However the church never recognized her as a Goddess in spite of her being the mother of God’s only son. 

I will leave you with this piece of advice, if you have a question, search out the answer. If you find none, pray on it. The answer will come to you, for the Divine is with you, if you truly believe. The trinity is composed of many aspects to me. I believe in the Father, Mother and Blessed Child. I also whole heartedly believe in the Maiden, Mother and Crone, for this aspect is in my very essence of life, breath and will and carried me through my phases of every realm.

Blessed Be.


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