Temple Calendar

Our Sabbats Are held at 1pm or 3pm at the Lagoon Picnic Area in the Metroparks. You can find the Link for directions on our web site www.goddesstempleinc.org

Beltane 5/2/10 at 3pm, Litha 6/20/10 at 3pm, Lammas 8/1/10 at 3pm, Mabon 9/19/10 at 3pm, Samhain 10/31/10 at 1pm, Yule 12/19/10 at 1pm.

Our Esbats are held as a monthly potluck at the store. We have a meditation in the temple room then we have fellowship in the back. The meditation starts promptly at 7:00 pm. and are held on Tuesday nights. These are the dates through December:  Tuesday 5/25/10. Tuesday 6/29/10, Tuesday 7/27/10, Tuesday 8/24/10, Tuesday 9/21/10, Tuesday 10/19/10. Tuesday 11/23/10, and Tuesday 12/21/10.

Temple Meetings are usually held every second Tuesday of the month. This is a bi monthly meeting. All temple members are welcome to attend. This is where we discuss all temple business including new ideas, fundraisers etc. Our next Temple meeting will be: Tuesday 5/11/2010, Tuesday 7/13/10, Tuesday 9/14/10, Tuesday 11/9/10.


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