A Solitaires’ View on Litha – T. C. Moonrider

I love the Sabbats, Sabbats are wonderful! It’s a time to assemble with other Wiccans and Pagans like me, to honor the loving mother Goddess.  At Litha, Midsummer, Summer Solstice or however you choose to call it, is a time of abundance from mother Earth and the Goddess herself. It is such a wonderful time to do spells and charms with Herbs, flowers, and plants. I enjoy working with white or fuchsia foxglove, yellow flower heads or rue, and many other types of plants according to the type of spell that is being done. Litha is also a great time for communicating with the fairies, feasting, dancing and most importantly to remember to give something in return to our Divine Mother as a thank you for life itself, as all acts of love are her rituals. Litha is generally celebrated around June 21st when the sun enters cancer in the Zodiac, it is also known as the longest day of the year. It is believe that the Oak king is overthrown and the Holly King takes over for the rest of the year as the days get shorter and the night gets longer. I wish all a great year as many great Sabbats lie ahead and may the Goddess bless all who read this Article!


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