Lammas- Heather

  Lammas is the time of year that is to celebrate the harvest and the reaping of the first grain. Lammas or Lughnasad, which means loaf-mass day, is celebrated on August 1. Originally Lammas, celebrated by the Celts from the sunset on August first to the sunset on August second, included an honorary reaping of the new grain to be eaten. It was believed that the grain died so people could live and flourish for the year. Since in recent times most of us do not have grain growing in our backyards to honorably reap we can celebrate and honor the goddess and God Lugh, who the holiday was named for, by baking fresh bread. In order to make the bread more personal ingredients and herbs from the garden can be added. Another way to celebrate the Goddess is to make corn dolls out of corn husks and tie them in the shape of a woman to literally represent the grain Goddess. Lammas is a day to honor the grain Goddess and the sun God, it is also time to have feasts and give thanks for the grain and harvest.

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