Oh Sidhe-it! Part 2 – Chuck

Pick a name, any name. the fey, fairies, leprechauns, good folk, fair folk, the Sidhe, elves, Tuatha de Danann, etc and here they were standing around the tree looking at me. If you saw them in the light they likely wouldn’t look that much different than us. No more exotic than the various breeds if humans in the world. They weren’t dressed much different either, though it had a 60’s hippie retro look to it. I was their demeanor that set them apart, what was behind those eyes looked out on a different world than the one you and I see. I took in the whole situation and then began to laugh.

“What’s so funny?”  “Oh it’s a bit cliché, don’t you think? The old ‘dream sequence’ type thing. I open my eyes and poof there you are!” “If it is cliché then it’s you that set the stage for it. We only made use of the time presented to us.” “And that brings us to the next question. Why are you here?” “For our own reasons, as is always the case. One of those reasons is we’re here to answer a question you posed long ago. If we existed before, where are we now in the modern world?” “That sounds like we’re going on a magical mystical trip of some sort.” “Not as you might rekon it, but yes a journey.” “Just one question first, Which of you is the Morrigan?”  “If you mean the Morrigan of the Tuatha de Danann, she isn’t amongst us. She has passed.” “Passed?” “Yes, passed, no longer alive. The Tuatha, as we, are mortal like you. Longer loved, as you are longer lived than those who lived in cruder times due to your medical knowledge, but yet mortal. Immortality, like so many other things you find enviable, are attributed to us “gods”. We find amusing. We are your cousins not your creators/rulers.” Alright I can accept that. So where are we headed to?” “Right here.”

One of them pulled out a satchel and took out something about the size of a loose leaf binder and opened it. A blue glow began from it, enough to see what it was….a laptop computer!

“Why so surprised? Were you expecting a crystal ball? This serves the same purpose does it not? And it can transport you wherever you wish to go when connected to your internet. Or would you prefer we chant something in a strange language and go somewhere in a flash of light? No, this will do fine for our purposes. We want to show you some of you legends in this modern world.” “Something tells me I’m not going to like this, but then elves using Windows wasn’t something I expected either. What’s first?”

Ok, maybe the computer I could accept, but the picture on the screen was anything but what I would consider a “centaur”. It was a picture of a biker cruising down the road. His expression was one of concentration on the experience of the ride, the scenery, the sun and the wind. He looked….complete.

“Alright, call me dumb, but that ain’t a centaur by any standards I know.” “Then learn a new standard. The original horsemen of the past were an awesome sight to those that first saw them. They were something never conceived of before and there was no frame of reference to put them in. A man on a horse so attuned to one another that they seemed as one. Eventually they became viewed as one single creature. Is this rider on his iron horse any different than those riders of the past?”  “ You know what you say is true. This overturns a lot of assumptions. From new agers to staunch Traditionalists. The only ones that might like this are the historians and the Christians that try to trivialize the old ways into superstitions to prove themselves right.”  “What matter these Christians when by and large they have forgotten their own past and truths? We leave them to their own fate. We are not here to live up to any expectations of anyone, we are just giving you a look at the truths we have learned. The world about teaches us every moment. Not by any dogma, but in the dynamics of life. Many names and explanations can be attached to one thing and non of them will change it’s basic nature. Just our perceptions of it.” “But there must be some pattern to things, else there is chaos.” “Patterns, yes. Dogma, no.”  “So what you are saying is all the legends that we use to inspire us are based on false assumptions and thus are void. You’ve just taken all the magic from the world. All the reason to aspire to something ‘better’ and ‘greater’. I don’t think I like that world view.” “As well you shouldn’t, No, we are not trying to destroy those legends, just put them into context. But that’s not the lesson we are trying to teach you. The magic of legends spawned them because they were innately magical in the first place. The world is a marvelous place if you open yourself to it. The stuff of legends walks past you everyday on the street and is in the very air you breath. Is it any less wonderful for seeming so common on the surface?” “Now that’s a concept I can better deal with. I have one more question. By the legends any dealings with you, no matter how casual, are a costly and perilous thing. What’s the tab for meeting you and this lesson?” “The lesson itself is the cost to you. If you accept it and follow it you will act differently than others around you. There is always a cost for being different. If you reject the lesson you’ll pay a different cost by not seeing what is taught. Which is the worse only you can decide? You will pay in either case.” “Is there anything else?” “Isn’t that enough? If there is more to teach, it will be taught even if you never meet us in person again. But if our paths cross again, it’ll be by our decision as was this time. But for now ‘slan agat’”

With that they just turned and walked into the gloom and were lost in seconds. Not having better to think of I picked up my lantern and headed back to my friends’ house. As I walked in they must have seen the expression on my face was changed.

“hey! Done communing with Tree beard, that is what they call old tree? Did he have anything interesting to say?” “Yeah……a lot………if you were listening.”

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