Smudging – Kathy Curran

Smudging is a ceremony that we borrow from the Native Americans.  The belief is that certain herbs, when burnt, have the ability to clear a space and a person of negative energies.  White sage is the herb most commonly used; however, any of the ‘heavier’ scented herbs and resins are also appropriate, i.e. sandalwood, frankincense, or dragon’s blood.  Typically the dried sage is tied into a wand and one end is lit.  The herb will produce a fragrant smoke and then holding the smoldering sage wand in your hand, you walk the perimeter of all the rooms in your dwelling including attics, basements, closets and entryways.  Once this is completed, it is believed that a vacuum has been created; void of any energies.

Now one wants to fill this clear space with positive energies.  This can be done in a number of ways.  One way is to light a white candle thereby attracting angels and angelic energies.  Native Americans often use the herb sweetgrass for this part of the ceremony.  Any incense or essential oil that has special significance can be used.  It is recommended to perform this ceremony monthly, around the time of the full moon; and anytime there has been activities of discord in the home.  One can also perform this smudging ceremony on themselves and other people.  Many people incorporate this ceremony at the beginning of rituals, both solitary and group.


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