Pudding Pie – Heather Lorman

1pkg instant pudding any flavor (This recipe is using Butterscotch)

3 cups of cold milk

1tsp vanilla

1 envelope of Dream whip

1 pie shell of your choice (This recipe uses a graham cracker pie crust)

Take any flavor of pudding that you love and make it according to the package. 2 cups of cold milk and pudding mix, whip together until thick. Take ½ of the pudding mixture and place it in a pie shell of your choice. For this pie a graham cracker pie crust is used. You can buy one already made from the store or you can take a package of graham cracker and 3 tlb. Butter and make your own by crushing up the graham crackers into little pieces pour butter over and mix then press into a pie shell. (You can substitute a Oreo cookie pie shell as well.)Then take the other half of the pudding mixture and mix it with a package of dream whip made according to the dream whip package. One envelope of dream whip, one cup cold milk and one tsp. of vanilla, beat until thick. Take the rest of the pudding and fold it into the dream whip. Beat those together. Then pour remaining mixture into pie shell refrigerate for about 2- hours until pudding and dream whip mixture seems firm enough. Then serve.


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