Sitting with the Goddess – Gini Judd

Now that the Temple Room is devoted full-time as worship space, members are encouraged to take shifts being present in the room during the hours that Goddess Blessed is open. Two-hour shifts are recommended, on a schedule that works for you.  The duties are to greet people coming into the temple room, sell temple items if people are interested, answer questions about the temple (or direct questions to a temple board member), point out the goddess votives that are for sale. But mostly you will be present with the goddess and help promote the temple room’s spiritual atmosphere. 

I highly encourage all members to volunteer for this opportunity. Spending two quiet hours with the goddess is a wonderful gift to grant yourself. At the beginning of the time, you may busy yourself lighting candles and incense, choosing music, perhaps straightening pillows. Then as time passes, you will fall into the quiet presence in the room. You may read, or meditate, or visit with other temple members, but the sense that you are with the goddess, focused in your devotion, permeates your time in the temple. 

I leave my time at the temple feeling calm and refreshed. It’s a wonderful experience that I feel fortunate to enjoy. You may sign up for your temple time on the calendar in the temple room. I urge you to give yourself the gift of that time.


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