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A Poem about Brigid – Linda Kean

June 11, 2012


Ode To The Goddess Brigid

Warm us with your fire bright,

Bring us from darkness into light.

Strength and beauty your message clear,

Keep us safe throughout the year.

Sing to us maiden, mother, and crone,

Show us the truth that we must own.


Help us stand through thick and thin,

Show us exactly where to begin.

Guide us with your loving light.

Keep us safe even in the darkest night.


Thank you from the President—Kathy Curran

June 11, 2012

Wishing everyone a most blessed Yule and a healthy & happy 2012!

Thanking everyone for all their support in 2011! Our Temple is growing stronger every year!

I am anticipating even more growth and fellowship in 2012!



June 11, 2012


The Great Celtic Goddess Guinevere of Wales  , who was born into royalty to Welsh King Lleudd– Ogrfan and his wife, about 490 C A.D.,  is a Trinity . In our  Celtic Wales, she is called “ Gwenhwyfar.”  In Cornish, she is “ Jennifer.”  Her name Gwenhwyfar means “ white waves” and “white sprite” and “ phantom.”  he is the ancient Triple Goddess of Wales .  She was and is a beautiful and desirable Goddess of the dawn and spring.   She is the “ power behind the throne” of her husband King Arthur and his Knights of the Round Table.  Guinevere’s royal parents gave them The round Table for a wedding present .  Trinity Queen Guinevere comes to King Arthur from The Other World.  Her royal role is that of enforcing , expanding, empowering, and enhancing

King Arthur and The Knights of The Round Table in his Kingdom .  One of their major encampments, legend has it, was next to my Welsh Gt. Gt. Gt. Grandfather Evan Davies’ home Fountain Hall in South Wales, and my exploration and visit  there years ago sparked my spiritual and historical interest in Queen Guinevere and King Arthur , The Knights of the Round Table and Merlin whose crystal cave was there .

     Queen Guinevere is of the land and the union which gives kings their “ right to rule.”  Her passion and love gave her not only her King Arthur ( a Winter God and Holly King) but also Sir Lancelot ( The Oak King).  She is recorded in legends as Arthur’s “Three Chief Queens.”  These three aspects of Guinevere show a common Triple Goddess.       Her name Gwenhwyfar of “ white waves” relates to the color white for virgin which indicates she is complete in and of herself.  Waves associate her with the great generative powers of the sea.  She is indeed the feminine eternal symbol of strength and order in a peaceful universe.  She brings energy and powers from The Other World, too. This does create some turmoil in the world.  She has a role, too, as a Flower Maid, a fairy Goddess of Love, of Growth and Fertility.   Her holiday is Beltane.  Her sacred tree is the Hawthorne.  Queen Guinevere is a Goddess of the Old Ones.”

     As Queen of the Round Table,  Triple Goddess Guinevere inspires people to rise  up to greater heights not thought of and of UNITY.  She helps the earth to bear fruit, to grow and to harvest.  She inspires King Arthur and the Round Table to greater goals and she overlooks the Court.  Her Triplicity reveals her role as a Crone in her actions over The Round Table, however.

      It might be added that King Arthur’s wizard Merlin was married to a Gwen-like Guendoloena ( made from flowers.)  Legend has it that Queen Guinevere is linked to Glastonbury, England, and is buried next to King Arthur there.  In legend also, she was abducted by King Melwas ( also Called Sir Meleagant) and was taken to his stronghold at Glastonbury.  It is said she was rescued there by King Arthur and perhaps also by Sir Lancelot ( and perhaps Gawain,too.)

     In the Tarot cards, Queen Guinevere is the Queen of May.  She is the Goddess of Love and Betrothal . It is a merry time with the month of May being a time of new growth and blossoms, as well as intrigues for lovers around you and perhaps also seduction is in the air.

     As the  Celtic Triple Goddess of Wales,  this Mother Goddess Guinevere from The Other World is linked to the Triad of The Island of Britain , where she is recorded as three in one Trinity to King Arthur : 1) Gwenhwyfar, daughter of Cywryd . 2)  Gwenhwyfar, daughter of Gwythyrap Greidin and 3) Gwenhwyfar, daughter Of King Ogrfan Gawr.

      The book on The Mists Of Avalon brings to light more fascinating details on our Triple Goddess Mother Queen Gwenhwyfar of Wales.


Sabbat Ostara – Linda Kean

June 10, 2012

Ostara or Eostre in the Germanic tradition, is the celebration of the spring equinox and is celebrated on March 21st. This is a time for renewal of the earth. With the spring coming all of life on earth is renewed. The snow begins to melt and the world again beginnings to warm allowing the grass and trees and all of nature to awaken again from its slumber. It is the time to plant seedlings and to prepare the land for the late spring planting which will be harvested in the fall. It is the celebration of the balance of light and dark as the sun begins to shed more light in each day.  

Ostara is the Goddess of fertility and she bring renewal and new life. It is said that Ostara loved all creatures of the planet and was a mother to every one of them. One day she found a wounded bird and to save the it she transformed it into a hare. The transformation from bird to hare was complete except for the laying of eggs. This hare still laid eggs. For saving the animals life, the hare would take it’s eggs and decorate them as an offering to Ostara. On this Sabbat we color eggs and give them as an offering to her in honor of her life giving gifts. Ostara brings us new beginnings and renews life. She is the Goddess


Temple Calendar

June 10, 2012

All of our Sabbats except for  Yule will be held in the Metro parks at the Lagoon Picnic Area. All 3pm Sabbats will have a potluck picnic for fellowship. All 1pm Sabbats will have a coffee social for fellowship. Please bring a beverage or food to share.  Yule will be Held at Goddess Blessed at 1pm. Please visit our website: The website does have directions to the Lagoon Picnic area.

Imbolc 2/5/12 (1pm), Ostara 3/18/12 (1pm), Beltane 4/29/12 (3pm), Litha 6/24/12 (3pm), Lammas 7/29/12 (3pm),  Mabon 9/23/12 (3pm), Samhain 10/28/12 (3pm),  Yule 12/23/12 (1 pm at goddess blessed)

The ritual and business meetings will be held after each Sabbat.  All temple members are welcome to attend. This is where we discuss all rituals; this year we will be writing our own: charge of the goddess, prayers, quarter calls and planning the Sabbat services. 


What Samhain means to me—Sheila Santiago

June 10, 2012


Samhain aka Halloween has been my favorite holiday, and my favorite day of the year my entire life.

When I was younger it was to me the most fun and mysterious day of the year, I knew there was more to it than putting on a cool costume and trick or treating with my family and friends…I didn’t know what then but I knew I wanted to find out!

While I was in school it was the best time of the year because we got to dress up in school and have parties celebrating the day and then when we got home we got to party with our family and friends and go trick-or-treating around the neighborhood…all day and all night long the day was filled with laughter and joy and mischievous moments and I looked forward to it more than any other occasion all year long.

As I got older my love for this holiday grew in my heart even more and I even had this dream of one day getting married on my favorite day and making the celebration a permanent fixture in my life as not only my favorite holiday but also my anniversary!

I always knew that if I ever got married it would have to be to someone who shared my love for Halloween and who also understood that I now celebrated the day as Samhain after finally finding out the true meaning of the day and embracing my life as a Witch as a young adult. It took me a long time to find my path in life but when I discovered that being a Witch was more than just dressing up as one for Halloween I knew I was finally home. All those years I knew there was a reason I was so drawn to the Sabbats and to nature and the moon…and why I felt it was so important to celebrate Halloween, I know now it was because it is the mark of the Celtic New year for us Witches and also a time to remember those that have passed!

I was honoring that which I did not know for so many years, that when I finally found out it all made sense and I knew that I had always been a Witch and that I always will be.

I was still in search of love and hoping that I could find someone who shared my views or at least respected them and so I put my Witchy skills to use and made a Love summoning spell to bring me a love that shared my views and passion and before I knew it there he was AND he was a Witch! A match made in the cauldron and a love until the Summerland’s. And guess what else? His favorite holiday is also Samhain!

We were married on October 31st 2009 outside in a park and held a costume party reception and we hold big Halloween parties bash every year to commemorate not only our love for each other but our love of the most important day in our Witchy lives, Samhain!


A Herbal Column— Linda Kean

June 10, 2012

Winter salts:

Winter salts are used to help ease cold and sinus issues that we can all face in the winter. Typically, winter salts are made with sea salt and a combination of eucalyptus, camphor, peppermint and wintergreen. These herbs can be added in oil form as well as just mixing the dry herbs directly with the salt. You can use a scoop of each herb or you can mix and match a few to make a successful winter salt.

Most of these salts are used in herbal bags that can be put under your pillow or held and smelled. You can choose to put them in the bath but if you do you just use a little bit.  A little bit goes a long way to clear your sinuses or help relieve head colds. When using the oils instead of the dried herbs you want to use just a pinch in the bath. Oils are much more concentrated and in the bath may irritate the skin if you use too much. So make some of your own winter salts to help keep your head clear.


The Goddess is a Patient Teacher -Kara B.

June 10, 2012

I would like to introduce myself and share how I have come to know the Goddess.  My name is Kara and I am a Cleveland area native.   As a young child She drew me into the garden and showed me beautiful flowers and delicious vegetables.  Herbs soon were planted outside the back door and She taught me the uses of many.  Since then I have always planted herbs in pots or in the yard wherever I have lived.  The Goddess was teaching me how to nourish and heal.

The Earth Mother further tempted me with crystals and gemstones.  You may call it a rock “collection” but my husband would call it my “hoard”!  She led me to explore the hidden meanings in the stones and, by stringing together the beads, to tell her story.  This encouraged me to learn more about my Chippewa roots, the beading techniques that they use, and Native American spirituality.  The Goddess was teaching me about Her source.

My formal education, while based in Christian values, still taught me more about the Goddess.  The all-girl high school that I attended introduced me to strong female role models in teachers and administrators.  These women lived their strong faith through service to other women- showing us how to find our own female power as well as teaching us geometry and Spanish.  The Goddess was teaching me about my true worth.

College opened up a larger world to explore and I felt the stronger hand of the Goddess in my path.  I studied psychology but was continually drawn to classes on feminism, equality, and sociology.  My liberal art studies included research projects on domestic violence and an internship working with troubled teenage girls.  In the end, the diploma read “Psychology and Women’s Studies”.  The Goddess was teaching me to care for others.

Patiently She waited for yet another decade before I was ready for Her lessons.  I am most currently exploring Arthurian myths and Avalon.  It seems like my Celtic roots are calling this time.

Like I said….  She is really patient!

I would enjoy hearing your story and hope I have encouraged you to share it in future newsletters.


Thank you from the President—Kathy Curran

June 10, 2012

To the Temple Members:

Thank you for all that you did to make our ‘chili  cook -off’ fundraiser a success!! Thanks to all of the Chili Cooks and all of you that donated bakery, we could not have done it without you! A special thanks to all who came and purchased chili and our baked goods without you our fundraisers would not be successful.

Our Temple is only as strong as our members! 

Remember we need you to volunteer!

Our goal is to one day have a brick and mortar Goddess Temple to worship in, the stronger we are as a community the closer we get to that dream!


Yule – Shelia Santiago

June 10, 2012

The days have grown shorter, the air is crisp and clear and the ground is covered in white.

The stores are littered with last minute shoppers and trees everywhere have twinkling lights.  The majority of us celebrate both Yule on the Winter Solstice and then Christmas a few days later with our families, having a dual holiday month…us lucky Pagans

In the Pagan or Witch household you will find scents of Pine, cedar, bayberry and cinnamon and colors of red, green, gold, white, silver, yellow and orange.

You may also taste some traditional foods of the season like Pork/turkey, fruit cakes and nuts, spiced cider/mead, roasted apples, and cookies, caraway cakes soaked in cider, eggnog, ginger tea and wassail.

Upon the Winter Solstice we celebrate the return of the sun, when the sun begins to rise a little higher and stays a little longer in the sky each night. We light our Yule logs and let the candles burn until they are gone in celebration of the return of light.

Many of us save our Yule logs to be burnt in old tradition the following Yule in the hearth or bonfire or as new traditions have begun to be burnt on Imbolc.

We exchange gifts from the heart during this special time with loved ones, a lovely witchy gift may be a sachet of herbs like bayberry, evergreen, frankincense holly, mistletoe, oak, pine sage and yellow cedar all herbs of the season. Homemade cakes and mead make lovely gifts as well as homemade crafts like ornaments with symbols like the sun, Goddess, pentacle or moon on them. All of these can be used in ritual or placed on the altar or enjoyed together which is what our holidays are meant to do…bring us together of like mind and hearts as one.

Have a Blessed Yule and Prosperous New Year.