Sabbat Ostara – Linda Kean

Ostara or Eostre in the Germanic tradition, is the celebration of the spring equinox and is celebrated on March 21st. This is a time for renewal of the earth. With the spring coming all of life on earth is renewed. The snow begins to melt and the world again beginnings to warm allowing the grass and trees and all of nature to awaken again from its slumber. It is the time to plant seedlings and to prepare the land for the late spring planting which will be harvested in the fall. It is the celebration of the balance of light and dark as the sun begins to shed more light in each day.  

Ostara is the Goddess of fertility and she bring renewal and new life. It is said that Ostara loved all creatures of the planet and was a mother to every one of them. One day she found a wounded bird and to save the it she transformed it into a hare. The transformation from bird to hare was complete except for the laying of eggs. This hare still laid eggs. For saving the animals life, the hare would take it’s eggs and decorate them as an offering to Ostara. On this Sabbat we color eggs and give them as an offering to her in honor of her life giving gifts. Ostara brings us new beginnings and renews life. She is the Goddess



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