Temple Calendar

All of our Sabbats except for  Yule will be held in the Metro parks at the Lagoon Picnic Area. All 3pm Sabbats will have a potluck picnic for fellowship. All 1pm Sabbats will have a coffee social for fellowship. Please bring a beverage or food to share.  Yule will be Held at Goddess Blessed at 1pm. Please visit our website: www.goddesstempleinc.org The website does have directions to the Lagoon Picnic area.

Imbolc 2/5/12 (1pm), Ostara 3/18/12 (1pm), Beltane 4/29/12 (3pm), Litha 6/24/12 (3pm), Lammas 7/29/12 (3pm),  Mabon 9/23/12 (3pm), Samhain 10/28/12 (3pm),  Yule 12/23/12 (1 pm at goddess blessed)

The ritual and business meetings will be held after each Sabbat.  All temple members are welcome to attend. This is where we discuss all rituals; this year we will be writing our own: charge of the goddess, prayers, quarter calls and planning the Sabbat services. 



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