The Goddess is a Patient Teacher -Kara B.

I would like to introduce myself and share how I have come to know the Goddess.  My name is Kara and I am a Cleveland area native.   As a young child She drew me into the garden and showed me beautiful flowers and delicious vegetables.  Herbs soon were planted outside the back door and She taught me the uses of many.  Since then I have always planted herbs in pots or in the yard wherever I have lived.  The Goddess was teaching me how to nourish and heal.

The Earth Mother further tempted me with crystals and gemstones.  You may call it a rock “collection” but my husband would call it my “hoard”!  She led me to explore the hidden meanings in the stones and, by stringing together the beads, to tell her story.  This encouraged me to learn more about my Chippewa roots, the beading techniques that they use, and Native American spirituality.  The Goddess was teaching me about Her source.

My formal education, while based in Christian values, still taught me more about the Goddess.  The all-girl high school that I attended introduced me to strong female role models in teachers and administrators.  These women lived their strong faith through service to other women- showing us how to find our own female power as well as teaching us geometry and Spanish.  The Goddess was teaching me about my true worth.

College opened up a larger world to explore and I felt the stronger hand of the Goddess in my path.  I studied psychology but was continually drawn to classes on feminism, equality, and sociology.  My liberal art studies included research projects on domestic violence and an internship working with troubled teenage girls.  In the end, the diploma read “Psychology and Women’s Studies”.  The Goddess was teaching me to care for others.

Patiently She waited for yet another decade before I was ready for Her lessons.  I am most currently exploring Arthurian myths and Avalon.  It seems like my Celtic roots are calling this time.

Like I said….  She is really patient!

I would enjoy hearing your story and hope I have encouraged you to share it in future newsletters.



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