What Samhain means to me—Sheila Santiago


Samhain aka Halloween has been my favorite holiday, and my favorite day of the year my entire life.

When I was younger it was to me the most fun and mysterious day of the year, I knew there was more to it than putting on a cool costume and trick or treating with my family and friends…I didn’t know what then but I knew I wanted to find out!

While I was in school it was the best time of the year because we got to dress up in school and have parties celebrating the day and then when we got home we got to party with our family and friends and go trick-or-treating around the neighborhood…all day and all night long the day was filled with laughter and joy and mischievous moments and I looked forward to it more than any other occasion all year long.

As I got older my love for this holiday grew in my heart even more and I even had this dream of one day getting married on my favorite day and making the celebration a permanent fixture in my life as not only my favorite holiday but also my anniversary!

I always knew that if I ever got married it would have to be to someone who shared my love for Halloween and who also understood that I now celebrated the day as Samhain after finally finding out the true meaning of the day and embracing my life as a Witch as a young adult. It took me a long time to find my path in life but when I discovered that being a Witch was more than just dressing up as one for Halloween I knew I was finally home. All those years I knew there was a reason I was so drawn to the Sabbats and to nature and the moon…and why I felt it was so important to celebrate Halloween, I know now it was because it is the mark of the Celtic New year for us Witches and also a time to remember those that have passed!

I was honoring that which I did not know for so many years, that when I finally found out it all made sense and I knew that I had always been a Witch and that I always will be.

I was still in search of love and hoping that I could find someone who shared my views or at least respected them and so I put my Witchy skills to use and made a Love summoning spell to bring me a love that shared my views and passion and before I knew it there he was AND he was a Witch! A match made in the cauldron and a love until the Summerland’s. And guess what else? His favorite holiday is also Samhain!

We were married on October 31st 2009 outside in a park and held a costume party reception and we hold big Halloween parties bash every year to commemorate not only our love for each other but our love of the most important day in our Witchy lives, Samhain!



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