The Great Celtic Goddess Guinevere of Wales  , who was born into royalty to Welsh King Lleudd– Ogrfan and his wife, about 490 C A.D.,  is a Trinity . In our  Celtic Wales, she is called “ Gwenhwyfar.”  In Cornish, she is “ Jennifer.”  Her name Gwenhwyfar means “ white waves” and “white sprite” and “ phantom.”  he is the ancient Triple Goddess of Wales .  She was and is a beautiful and desirable Goddess of the dawn and spring.   She is the “ power behind the throne” of her husband King Arthur and his Knights of the Round Table.  Guinevere’s royal parents gave them The round Table for a wedding present .  Trinity Queen Guinevere comes to King Arthur from The Other World.  Her royal role is that of enforcing , expanding, empowering, and enhancing

King Arthur and The Knights of The Round Table in his Kingdom .  One of their major encampments, legend has it, was next to my Welsh Gt. Gt. Gt. Grandfather Evan Davies’ home Fountain Hall in South Wales, and my exploration and visit  there years ago sparked my spiritual and historical interest in Queen Guinevere and King Arthur , The Knights of the Round Table and Merlin whose crystal cave was there .

     Queen Guinevere is of the land and the union which gives kings their “ right to rule.”  Her passion and love gave her not only her King Arthur ( a Winter God and Holly King) but also Sir Lancelot ( The Oak King).  She is recorded in legends as Arthur’s “Three Chief Queens.”  These three aspects of Guinevere show a common Triple Goddess.       Her name Gwenhwyfar of “ white waves” relates to the color white for virgin which indicates she is complete in and of herself.  Waves associate her with the great generative powers of the sea.  She is indeed the feminine eternal symbol of strength and order in a peaceful universe.  She brings energy and powers from The Other World, too. This does create some turmoil in the world.  She has a role, too, as a Flower Maid, a fairy Goddess of Love, of Growth and Fertility.   Her holiday is Beltane.  Her sacred tree is the Hawthorne.  Queen Guinevere is a Goddess of the Old Ones.”

     As Queen of the Round Table,  Triple Goddess Guinevere inspires people to rise  up to greater heights not thought of and of UNITY.  She helps the earth to bear fruit, to grow and to harvest.  She inspires King Arthur and the Round Table to greater goals and she overlooks the Court.  Her Triplicity reveals her role as a Crone in her actions over The Round Table, however.

      It might be added that King Arthur’s wizard Merlin was married to a Gwen-like Guendoloena ( made from flowers.)  Legend has it that Queen Guinevere is linked to Glastonbury, England, and is buried next to King Arthur there.  In legend also, she was abducted by King Melwas ( also Called Sir Meleagant) and was taken to his stronghold at Glastonbury.  It is said she was rescued there by King Arthur and perhaps also by Sir Lancelot ( and perhaps Gawain,too.)

     In the Tarot cards, Queen Guinevere is the Queen of May.  She is the Goddess of Love and Betrothal . It is a merry time with the month of May being a time of new growth and blossoms, as well as intrigues for lovers around you and perhaps also seduction is in the air.

     As the  Celtic Triple Goddess of Wales,  this Mother Goddess Guinevere from The Other World is linked to the Triad of The Island of Britain , where she is recorded as three in one Trinity to King Arthur : 1) Gwenhwyfar, daughter of Cywryd . 2)  Gwenhwyfar, daughter of Gwythyrap Greidin and 3) Gwenhwyfar, daughter Of King Ogrfan Gawr.

      The book on The Mists Of Avalon brings to light more fascinating details on our Triple Goddess Mother Queen Gwenhwyfar of Wales.


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