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August 2, 2012


In the holy land, where I was having a great time on archeological digs, some friends and I spent a weekend at the Great Temple of Diana in ancient Jerash, Jordan. What an experience it was to have a picnic beside the Golden River there and to explore the fantastic archeological ruins of the Temple of Diana!  Amazingly, eleven of the twelve Corinthian columns and the foundation of her temple are still standing! Today, Jerash is the most provincial Roman town in the world. At the time of my trip to Diana’s Temple, I was teaching in a program called “Oasis of Peace”. This program was through a Baldwin-Wallace College holy land fellowship, which included archeological expeditions and digs as well as teaching music, world religions, art, and English.   

To arrive at the Temple of Diana, we drove from Ramallah in the lush green hills of Judeah across the Jordan Valley to Amman (ancient Philadelphia). After a fabulous day staying with the Kawar family and sightseeing in the seven hills of Amman, we left the next morning in the Kawar family’s large Mercedes Benz with: Turki, six siblings and his parents. Over desert, hill and dale, we leisurely drove the 40 minutes from Amman north to ancient Jerash.   As we approached the town, which dates to prehistoric times, we suddenly had a wonderful view of the ruins of the Triumphal Arch in the foreground. The setting of the the Great Temple of  Diana is spectacular! There is such peace there as well as great charm and beauty.  The ancient town and temple are set in a valley running north and south with the lovely Golden River flowing through it. All over are the abundant walnut and popular trees which were magnificent in their spring foliage.  The remoteness of the Temple of Diana and the town of Jerash have kept it remarkably preserved from being used as a stone quarry for building new towns. History stood still.     

    The Jerash Temple of Diana, also known as Artemis, is a Roman temple. It dominates the entire city on the highest point. Triple goddess Diana was the patron goddess of Jerash.   She was highly esteemed by the Hellenistic population here, whereas the Semitic population preferred the god Zeus. This great Temple of Diana was completed around CE 150 during the reign of Emperor Antonius Pius. There were twelve columns and it had a hexastyle portico. The eleven columns still standing have decorative Corinthian capitals as if just completed. The Temple of Diana had three entrances that were decorated with three Corinthian pilasters. This temple was the most beautiful and important temple in ancient Jerash.  It contained fine marble paneling and had richly decorated statues.

The Path of Dianic Wicca is named for this Jerash triple goddess temple. In ancient Roman times, her name meant “heavenly and divine”. She is the Goddess of the hunt, the moon, and birthing. She is associated with wild animals and forests, along with the power to talk to and control animals. Diana is equated with Artemis, her Greek name, though Diana had an independent origin in Italy.  Diana was worshiped in the ancient Roman religion. Diana was known to be the virgin goddess and women. She was one of the trinity maiden goddesses: Diana, Minerva, and Vesta. She was born with her twin brother Apollo on the island of Delos, and the twins were the children of Jupiter and Latonia. Diana made up a triad with two other Roman deities: Egeria, the water nymph, her assistant midwife and her servant, and Virbius, the woodland god. In Italy, in the Old Religion of Stregheria, Diana was said to have created the world of her own being, having within herself the seeds of all creation yet to come. 

  The temples of Diana were indeed ecumenical and universal. People of all races and all religions were warmly welcomed. Kings, statesmen, sailors, merchants, the very poor, widows and orphans all came to Diana.


A Poem about Brigid – Linda Kean

June 11, 2012


Ode To The Goddess Brigid

Warm us with your fire bright,

Bring us from darkness into light.

Strength and beauty your message clear,

Keep us safe throughout the year.

Sing to us maiden, mother, and crone,

Show us the truth that we must own.


Help us stand through thick and thin,

Show us exactly where to begin.

Guide us with your loving light.

Keep us safe even in the darkest night.



June 11, 2012


The Great Celtic Goddess Guinevere of Wales  , who was born into royalty to Welsh King Lleudd– Ogrfan and his wife, about 490 C A.D.,  is a Trinity . In our  Celtic Wales, she is called “ Gwenhwyfar.”  In Cornish, she is “ Jennifer.”  Her name Gwenhwyfar means “ white waves” and “white sprite” and “ phantom.”  he is the ancient Triple Goddess of Wales .  She was and is a beautiful and desirable Goddess of the dawn and spring.   She is the “ power behind the throne” of her husband King Arthur and his Knights of the Round Table.  Guinevere’s royal parents gave them The round Table for a wedding present .  Trinity Queen Guinevere comes to King Arthur from The Other World.  Her royal role is that of enforcing , expanding, empowering, and enhancing

King Arthur and The Knights of The Round Table in his Kingdom .  One of their major encampments, legend has it, was next to my Welsh Gt. Gt. Gt. Grandfather Evan Davies’ home Fountain Hall in South Wales, and my exploration and visit  there years ago sparked my spiritual and historical interest in Queen Guinevere and King Arthur , The Knights of the Round Table and Merlin whose crystal cave was there .

     Queen Guinevere is of the land and the union which gives kings their “ right to rule.”  Her passion and love gave her not only her King Arthur ( a Winter God and Holly King) but also Sir Lancelot ( The Oak King).  She is recorded in legends as Arthur’s “Three Chief Queens.”  These three aspects of Guinevere show a common Triple Goddess.       Her name Gwenhwyfar of “ white waves” relates to the color white for virgin which indicates she is complete in and of herself.  Waves associate her with the great generative powers of the sea.  She is indeed the feminine eternal symbol of strength and order in a peaceful universe.  She brings energy and powers from The Other World, too. This does create some turmoil in the world.  She has a role, too, as a Flower Maid, a fairy Goddess of Love, of Growth and Fertility.   Her holiday is Beltane.  Her sacred tree is the Hawthorne.  Queen Guinevere is a Goddess of the Old Ones.”

     As Queen of the Round Table,  Triple Goddess Guinevere inspires people to rise  up to greater heights not thought of and of UNITY.  She helps the earth to bear fruit, to grow and to harvest.  She inspires King Arthur and the Round Table to greater goals and she overlooks the Court.  Her Triplicity reveals her role as a Crone in her actions over The Round Table, however.

      It might be added that King Arthur’s wizard Merlin was married to a Gwen-like Guendoloena ( made from flowers.)  Legend has it that Queen Guinevere is linked to Glastonbury, England, and is buried next to King Arthur there.  In legend also, she was abducted by King Melwas ( also Called Sir Meleagant) and was taken to his stronghold at Glastonbury.  It is said she was rescued there by King Arthur and perhaps also by Sir Lancelot ( and perhaps Gawain,too.)

     In the Tarot cards, Queen Guinevere is the Queen of May.  She is the Goddess of Love and Betrothal . It is a merry time with the month of May being a time of new growth and blossoms, as well as intrigues for lovers around you and perhaps also seduction is in the air.

     As the  Celtic Triple Goddess of Wales,  this Mother Goddess Guinevere from The Other World is linked to the Triad of The Island of Britain , where she is recorded as three in one Trinity to King Arthur : 1) Gwenhwyfar, daughter of Cywryd . 2)  Gwenhwyfar, daughter of Gwythyrap Greidin and 3) Gwenhwyfar, daughter Of King Ogrfan Gawr.

      The book on The Mists Of Avalon brings to light more fascinating details on our Triple Goddess Mother Queen Gwenhwyfar of Wales.


Sabbat Ostara – Linda Kean

June 10, 2012

Ostara or Eostre in the Germanic tradition, is the celebration of the spring equinox and is celebrated on March 21st. This is a time for renewal of the earth. With the spring coming all of life on earth is renewed. The snow begins to melt and the world again beginnings to warm allowing the grass and trees and all of nature to awaken again from its slumber. It is the time to plant seedlings and to prepare the land for the late spring planting which will be harvested in the fall. It is the celebration of the balance of light and dark as the sun begins to shed more light in each day.  

Ostara is the Goddess of fertility and she bring renewal and new life. It is said that Ostara loved all creatures of the planet and was a mother to every one of them. One day she found a wounded bird and to save the it she transformed it into a hare. The transformation from bird to hare was complete except for the laying of eggs. This hare still laid eggs. For saving the animals life, the hare would take it’s eggs and decorate them as an offering to Ostara. On this Sabbat we color eggs and give them as an offering to her in honor of her life giving gifts. Ostara brings us new beginnings and renews life. She is the Goddess


The Goddess is a Patient Teacher -Kara B.

June 10, 2012

I would like to introduce myself and share how I have come to know the Goddess.  My name is Kara and I am a Cleveland area native.   As a young child She drew me into the garden and showed me beautiful flowers and delicious vegetables.  Herbs soon were planted outside the back door and She taught me the uses of many.  Since then I have always planted herbs in pots or in the yard wherever I have lived.  The Goddess was teaching me how to nourish and heal.

The Earth Mother further tempted me with crystals and gemstones.  You may call it a rock “collection” but my husband would call it my “hoard”!  She led me to explore the hidden meanings in the stones and, by stringing together the beads, to tell her story.  This encouraged me to learn more about my Chippewa roots, the beading techniques that they use, and Native American spirituality.  The Goddess was teaching me about Her source.

My formal education, while based in Christian values, still taught me more about the Goddess.  The all-girl high school that I attended introduced me to strong female role models in teachers and administrators.  These women lived their strong faith through service to other women- showing us how to find our own female power as well as teaching us geometry and Spanish.  The Goddess was teaching me about my true worth.

College opened up a larger world to explore and I felt the stronger hand of the Goddess in my path.  I studied psychology but was continually drawn to classes on feminism, equality, and sociology.  My liberal art studies included research projects on domestic violence and an internship working with troubled teenage girls.  In the end, the diploma read “Psychology and Women’s Studies”.  The Goddess was teaching me to care for others.

Patiently She waited for yet another decade before I was ready for Her lessons.  I am most currently exploring Arthurian myths and Avalon.  It seems like my Celtic roots are calling this time.

Like I said….  She is really patient!

I would enjoy hearing your story and hope I have encouraged you to share it in future newsletters.


Sitting with the Goddess – Gini Judd

April 13, 2011

Now that the Temple Room is devoted full-time as worship space, members are encouraged to take shifts being present in the room during the hours that Goddess Blessed is open. Two-hour shifts are recommended, on a schedule that works for you.  The duties are to greet people coming into the temple room, sell temple items if people are interested, answer questions about the temple (or direct questions to a temple board member), point out the goddess votives that are for sale. But mostly you will be present with the goddess and help promote the temple room’s spiritual atmosphere. 

I highly encourage all members to volunteer for this opportunity. Spending two quiet hours with the goddess is a wonderful gift to grant yourself. At the beginning of the time, you may busy yourself lighting candles and incense, choosing music, perhaps straightening pillows. Then as time passes, you will fall into the quiet presence in the room. You may read, or meditate, or visit with other temple members, but the sense that you are with the goddess, focused in your devotion, permeates your time in the temple. 

I leave my time at the temple feeling calm and refreshed. It’s a wonderful experience that I feel fortunate to enjoy. You may sign up for your temple time on the calendar in the temple room. I urge you to give yourself the gift of that time.

Lammas- Heather

April 9, 2011
  Lammas is the time of year that is to celebrate the harvest and the reaping of the first grain. Lammas or Lughnasad, which means loaf-mass day, is celebrated on August 1. Originally Lammas, celebrated by the Celts from the sunset on August first to the sunset on August second, included an honorary reaping of the new grain to be eaten. It was believed that the grain died so people could live and flourish for the year. Since in recent times most of us do not have grain growing in our backyards to honorably reap we can celebrate and honor the goddess and God Lugh, who the holiday was named for, by baking fresh bread. In order to make the bread more personal ingredients and herbs from the garden can be added. Another way to celebrate the Goddess is to make corn dolls out of corn husks and tie them in the shape of a woman to literally represent the grain Goddess. Lammas is a day to honor the grain Goddess and the sun God, it is also time to have feasts and give thanks for the grain and harvest.

Temple Education Day!

April 8, 2010

Curious about Goddess Worship?


May 23, 2010 1-4 pm

At Goddess Blessed in Lakewood

15729 Madison Avenue, 216-221-8755

  • Presentation about Goddess Worship at 1 pm
  • Information about Lakewood’s Goddess Temple
  • Temple Members available to  answer questions
  • Refreshments provided!

Goddess Worship on a Busy Schedule by Gini Judd

November 4, 2009

In an ideal world, we would live in harmony with nature and the goddess.  We would arise each morning and salute the sun, then perform a morning ritual and take time for meditation. Then we would receive massages while nibbling on pealed grapes while an orchestra played soft music by our Grecian fountain.

      That’s not how most of us live.  Most of us leap from bed in the morning and rush to get everyone out the door and off to school or work on time.  At the end of the day, there are activities, chores, dinner, and then a collapse into bed. Time for ritual and meditation?  In our dreams, we feel a twinge of guilt as we pull the covers over our heads and vow that someday soon, we will find the time for daily worship.

     The problem is that many of the books and programs out there are intimidating.  In the first week there are only a couple of exercises, but by the end of the first month they demand an hour or more to complete their program.  Lovely, if you don’t have to earn a living or raise kids or keep house, but intimidating if you do. But in reality, it can be done.  The key is focus.

      Suggesting that you drop everything and go walk two miles is a time-consuming demand.  But the reality is that each of us walks a mile or two a day, just getting from one place to another.  Just like those short walks add up to a mile or more, so a minute or two here and there can deepen your spiritual life.

     When you get up in the morning, take a long, slow, focused breath.  Raise your arms to the sky and feel your feet attached to the ground.  Feel your relationship to the earth.  See?  Your first morning stretch is now a moment dedicated to the goddess. When you step into the shower, take a heartbeat to thank the goddess for the cleansing energy, and feel your negative energy run down the drain.  When you bite into your breakfast bagel or sip your cup of coffee, thank the goddess for the gifts of the earth and focus on the energy you are receiving from her bounty. Waiting for the bus?  Close your eyes and feel the wind.  Stuck in traffic?  Sing.  Bored and tired halfway through the workday?  Stand up and repeat your morning stretch. 

Imbue moments of your life with slivers of ritual, and you will feel energized, aware, and more in touch with your faith.


Goddess Card Sept. 10th

September 10, 2009
Goddess Cordelia- You have been indoors too  long. Go out side and get some fresh air. A daily venture outside will not only revive your spirit and soul, it will give you hope and faith in this planet’s very existence and future. Step outside today and witness earths excitement and entertainment.
Get out side for a while and connect with nature. See the signs of summer on it’s way. Smell the air and thank mother earth for all that she gives to us!! We need to get out and be positive!!! Connecting with nature helps us feel the balance!  Life is about balance and finding that balance in and through our lives.
May the love of the Goddess be with you today!