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Levels Of Sponsorship

April 13, 2011

New Levels of sponsorship to the temple were discussed at our last board meeting. It is very important to help out by donating to the temple. Now with these new  levels of donators we will be able to get closer to the funds to find and or build our own temple building. Become an important part of the temple building team. We always are looking for volunteers and donations. Come and help in any way you can! 


The suggested levels are as follows:

$50 – Newsletter by mail

$100 – Newsletter by mail and a mug

$250 – Newsletter, mug, and tickets to the spaghetti dinner

$500 – Newsletter, mug, spaghetti dinner tickets, and a Temple calendar.

$1000 – Newsletter, mug, spaghetti dinner tickets, a Temple calendar, and a daily candle lit for the sponsor in the Temple room

Sitting with the Goddess – Gini Judd

April 13, 2011

Now that the Temple Room is devoted full-time as worship space, members are encouraged to take shifts being present in the room during the hours that Goddess Blessed is open. Two-hour shifts are recommended, on a schedule that works for you.  The duties are to greet people coming into the temple room, sell temple items if people are interested, answer questions about the temple (or direct questions to a temple board member), point out the goddess votives that are for sale. But mostly you will be present with the goddess and help promote the temple room’s spiritual atmosphere. 

I highly encourage all members to volunteer for this opportunity. Spending two quiet hours with the goddess is a wonderful gift to grant yourself. At the beginning of the time, you may busy yourself lighting candles and incense, choosing music, perhaps straightening pillows. Then as time passes, you will fall into the quiet presence in the room. You may read, or meditate, or visit with other temple members, but the sense that you are with the goddess, focused in your devotion, permeates your time in the temple. 

I leave my time at the temple feeling calm and refreshed. It’s a wonderful experience that I feel fortunate to enjoy. You may sign up for your temple time on the calendar in the temple room. I urge you to give yourself the gift of that time.

Temple Calendar

April 30, 2010

Our Sabbats Are held at 1pm or 3pm at the Lagoon Picnic Area in the Metroparks. You can find the Link for directions on our web site

Beltane 5/2/10 at 3pm, Litha 6/20/10 at 3pm, Lammas 8/1/10 at 3pm, Mabon 9/19/10 at 3pm, Samhain 10/31/10 at 1pm, Yule 12/19/10 at 1pm.

Our Esbats are held as a monthly potluck at the store. We have a meditation in the temple room then we have fellowship in the back. The meditation starts promptly at 7:00 pm. and are held on Tuesday nights. These are the dates through December:  Tuesday 5/25/10. Tuesday 6/29/10, Tuesday 7/27/10, Tuesday 8/24/10, Tuesday 9/21/10, Tuesday 10/19/10. Tuesday 11/23/10, and Tuesday 12/21/10.

Temple Meetings are usually held every second Tuesday of the month. This is a bi monthly meeting. All temple members are welcome to attend. This is where we discuss all temple business including new ideas, fundraisers etc. Our next Temple meeting will be: Tuesday 5/11/2010, Tuesday 7/13/10, Tuesday 9/14/10, Tuesday 11/9/10.

Temple Education Day!

April 8, 2010

Curious about Goddess Worship?


May 23, 2010 1-4 pm

At Goddess Blessed in Lakewood

15729 Madison Avenue, 216-221-8755

  • Presentation about Goddess Worship at 1 pm
  • Information about Lakewood’s Goddess Temple
  • Temple Members available to  answer questions
  • Refreshments provided!


November 23, 2009
The Goddess Temple Spaghetti Dinner was an amazing success!!!!
Thanks to all who helped and all who came out to support our Goddess Temple!!!!! Without your support we would not have our WONDEFUL Goddess Temple!!!!
We had AMAZING helpers tonight!!! EVERYONE was ASTOUNDING and I have to send out a special thanks out to all of you who helped clean up and the bussers and dish washers, wow you guys rocked it out!!!  I did not see any dirty dishes on the tables, you did an amazing job!!! I think we all did a WONDERFUL job!!! Thanks to all the helpers in the Kitchen(Mr. Buddha, Miss Erin, Miss Ginny, Miss Annie and all of you who ran in to do extra little things,) the Servers (Miss Heather, Miss Tammy and Miss Kat), The Raffle helpers (Miss Steph, Miss Kathy), Mr. Steve who took the tickets and was our MC, and a huge and very very special thanks to our fearless leader Miss Kathy Curran!!!! Without your dedication and love of the Goddess and us we would be lost! You are the BEST, thanks for all you do!!!!!!
You ALL make the difference!!! We needed your to help keep the Temple going tonight and you did a great job!!!!


Spaghetti Dinner

November 4, 2009

Spaghetti Dinner

Goddess Temple 

November 22, 2009

4 – 7 p.m. @ the

Masonic Temple 

15300 Detroit Avenue

Lakewood, Ohio 44107

Adult $10      Child $5

(Children under 4 free)

Call 216-221-8755 for info


*  Raffle to be Held at Dinner*

Proceeds Benefit the Goddess Temple

Please come in to Goddess Blessed to get your tickets. Goddess Blessed is located at 15729 MAdison Ave, lakewood Ohio.

Temple Calendar Through Sept.

June 18, 2009

Our Sabbats are held in the metro parks at the lagoon picnic area. Our Summer and Fall Sabbath will be held at 3:00pm and we will have a picnic to follow. If you need directions to the lagoon you will find them on the temple website which is

Litha: Sunday 6/21/2009, Lammas: Sunday 8/02/2009, Mabon: Sunday 9/20/2009

Our Esbat are held as a monthly potluck at the store. We have a meditation in the temple room then we have fellowship in the back.  The meditation starts promptly at 7:00 pm. and are held on Tuesday nights. These are the dates through Sept.

Tuesday 6/9/2009, Tuesday 7/7/2009, Tuesday 8/4/20099, Tuesday 9/8/2009

Temple Meetings are usually held every first Tuesday of the month. This is a bi monthly meeting. All temple members are welcome to attend. This is where we discuss all temple business including new ideas, fundraisers etc.

Tuesday 7/14,/2009 and Tuesday 9/1/2009.

Goddess Bags!!

May 15, 2009

Go Green with our new Goddess Bags!!

Our new Goddess bags are $10.00 plus tax and the proceeds go toward the Temple. Stop in at Goddess Blessed and get you Goddess bag today!!!  Goddess Blessed is located at 15729 Madison Avenue, Lakewood, Ohio 44107.

Here is what they look like!


We still have Travel Mugs as well! Great for in the car! $5.00 plus tax!


Spirituality of the Goddess By: Gini Judd

May 4, 2009



Members and visitors have expressed an interest in magic and why the Goddess Temple’s services do not incorporate a magical element.  While the Temple recognizes and appreciates that there is an interest in magic among its members, it will maintain its spiritual outlook.  This is for a number of reasons:

Our membership is diverse – Not all members of the Goddess Temple are practitioners of magic.  It’s important to remember that not all pagan practices do incorporate magic.  And even among those that do, there is a great deal of variety.  The focus of the temple is to foster Goddess worship, and the practice of magic within the temple setting would be exclusive rather than inclusive.

Our membership is dynamic – The membership roles of the Goddess Temple are continually growing and changing.  Our goal is to increase membership and increase worship of the Goddess in the world.  The practice of magic requires trust and focus that can be off-putting to new guests and potential members, who may already be shy or nervous about seeking a Goddess worshipping group.  By focusing on spirituality, we keep the kind of universality that will be inviting to new members.

Effective magical practice requires familiarity and trust – Practicing magic in a group setting requires either a very strong and focused leader/priestess or a group of people who know each other well and have grown to trust each other.  Which brings us to one of the most important points:

We are all priestesses/priests in the Goddess Temple – The Goddess Temple is focused on worship, and it is not centered around a hierarchical model with a single leader dictating decisions.  The Temple’s business is run by a board of directors, and anyone interested can volunteer to take part in any Temple service.  The ideal of an egalitarian group means that we are each of us in charge of our own spirituality and participation.  No one person’s worldview dominates.  This keeps each of us open to the facets of the goddess that our own hearts seek and the Temple able to reach as many people as possible.

Members of the Temple who are interested in following a magical practice and finding others with whom to talk or with whom to practice are welcome to use the Yahoo Group and the Temple’s blog as places to ask questions or seek out other members who might be interested in additional magical study or practice.