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Midsummer – Heather

August 2, 2012

Litha, Midsummer, or Summer Solstice is the Sabbat that celebrates the longest day of the year. It is said that the veil of the world becomes thin again and we can spend time in laughter and play with the fairies. It is the time we honor the sun and signifies the longest day and the shortest night. Juno, Hera, Rhiannon, Ishtar, Bast, Vesta, Aine, and Freya are just a few of the Goddess aspects that are honored today. Many bonfires are lit to honor the Goddess and to help us play with the fairies. Also, place honey cakes and teas out for the fairies on Summer Solstice Eve as offerings to gain favor in the fairy realm. Magic runs high at this time of year; It is the best season to spend time with the fairies, gnomes, and earth sprites. It brings the perfect opportunity to make a walking stick or any magical tools. It is also the time to bless your pets by making a special talisman to help protect them. Make sure to spend time on magic on this special day of the Summer Solstice.